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Welcome to the Green Room

Welcome to the Green Room presented by our very own Shamus O’Hoolihan This page will be the thoughts and ramblings of your very own Clubman Extraordinaire
He will be taking a weathered eye at the latest news and events Offering his unique take on anything and everything He’d welcome your feedback, in fact with writer’s block a distinct possibility he urges all Members to have their say 
So come into the Green Room and make yourself comfortable
There's a welcome on the mat Failte

6 Jan 2024

Opportunity knocks


4 Jan 2024


Its behind you.

26 Dec 2023



22 Dec 2023



18 Dec 2023

Plans come together

99 call

14 Dec 2023

Numbers game

El Pres watch.

11 Dec 2023

That's life

Missing dog

7 Dec 2023



4 Dec 2023

Sick note.


30 Nov 2023

Frozen Tundra

Voodoo doll

27 Nov 2023

More health and safety

Observation Skills

23 Nov 2023

Pipe and Slippers

What Weather

21 Nov 2023

Health and Safety


17 Nov 2023

Quad Squad


13 Nov 2023

Storm Debi's first victim!

Watch your feet!

10 Nov 2023

European TraVARsty

Cost Effective Crafty Cockney

6 Nov 2023

Jingle Les

All Blacks

2 Nov 2023

Mother Dublin

O’Hooligan MIA

30 Oct 2023

Ruskin Car Boot Choas

and Wickys Calf woe

26 Oct 2023

Eurosceptic Treasurer

And a Celtic Hangover

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