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Jingle Les

S O’Hooligan

6 Nov 2023

All Blacks

Hi O'Hooligan here. Well what a pleasant morning we have just had! No sooner have I landed back home and my fingers are flying across the keyboard! NOT! We all gathered looking quite splendid in our new rain jackets. Looking very similar to the All Blacks the only thing missing was the Haka!

6 teams of 6 which after 2 mins my team was down to 5 as Phil Malarky injured his Quad muscle! Didn't know I had one he said! Not looking good, take your time mate! So we soldiered on unabated and did ok. Harry the Hachet in goal had blistered hands at the end but that is what he is there for!

Lord Rainford had a loop recording going for the hour of 'sorry Eamon.' As yet another pass went astray! Hey ho good fun! In one game Snake Hips Tony flew past Victor Meldrew and Victor took him out by striking him with his cash bag full of Euros! Cockney Rebel never saw it! Committe sticking together again!

And onto the cakeless coffee room where I was chatting with Brian who only came to us last week and was asking about who various people were. Good player by the way! Anyway I pointed out Sorry Eamon Lord Rainford, if it moves kick it Roger Moore and Come on Eileen and various others. And he then pointed to Victor Meldrew and asked who he was. I replied 'that is Les our esteemed treasurer.' Thought it was said Brian cos he was jingling as he went past me! Superb Brian! Some people are just naturals!

A right good morning and it drizzled after we finished so we could all check out if our rain jackets worked and they do! Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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