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Frozen Tundra

S O’Hooligan

30 Nov 2023

Voodoo doll

Hi O'Hooligan here.

Well last night we all gathered at the frozen tundra of the Sutton Soccer Dome all kitted out in layers and layers of warm clothing.

Lord Rainford stole the show looking like an exact replica of Sir Edmond Hilary after he had climbed Crank Hill! He came with his usual collection of 3 bags but he also had another mysterious green bag with him. "My new remote control for the estate gates." Was his explanation. Nice!

Kenny had wormed his way indoors again after spending all day stabbing a voodoo doll of Dave Barrow who cried off late on with severe pains in his nether regions! Bad man Kenny!

So off went the hardy 24 into the very cold Arctic air. 20 players, 2 referees (one without a whistle) and 2 young ball boys. A referee with any sense would have called the games off but we had Jeff and another Ejit (who shall remain nameless).

So the games went on. And the club ethos of all playing fair and keeping each other safe shone through. Not a bad challenge or bad word all night and by heck we had to be careful it was very treacherous underfoot.

A special word for our young ball boys Jeff Prout and Phil Malarkey who did a great job keeping themselves warm collecting the numerous bad passes and shots which were sent to every corner of the ground. Thanks guys! So we all got through OK and waddled back like a load of penguins searching for the nearest hot shower.

Well done all. Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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