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Pipe and Slippers

S. O’Hooligan

23 Nov 2023

What Weather

Hi O'Hooligan here!

I returned to the Sutton Soccer Academy last night after a 3 week break where I have been doing some high altitude training in Billinge preparing for a 10k romp around the swamps of Croxteth Hall Park.

All went well and I am now drowning in oxygen after coming back down to sea level! So when I entered the meeting room last night there were 2 definitely different groups! One was a group of 11 sat in armchairs around a roaring fire supping cocoa puffing on pipes and wearing slippers discussing the awful trek they had just endured across the windy car park! 'I hope the under 5s have set the pitch out for us' was uttered.

Cant have these guys put out can we? While in the other corner were a group of 20 plus weather hardened ruddy faced warriors chomping a the bit to get outside and face what ever was being thrown at them! 'Can we play in skins tonight?' Wicky asked brandishing his icing knife around. 'No' said El Pres 'Think of the neighbours and health and safety'.

So off went the Warriors into the dark and cold while the other lot put another log on the fire and toasted more muffins! Outside the wind had abated down to a force 4 or 5 which hampered us a bit but once we had unarmed Wicky of his knife (you can have it back later John) play got underway.

We had a debutante in Mark and he showed good skills and good humour in all he did his only worry was finding a bib large enough for him which as ever for us we found a way! He will be a good addition to our group. So after our wind battered hour we walked back through reception to find the insiders having a warm toddy and asking for blankets for the long walk to thier cars in that nasty old wind! A good night as always!

Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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