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Ruskin Car Boot Choas

S O’Hooligan

30 Oct 2023

and Wickys Calf woe

Hi O'Hooligan here. Some things are worth waiting for! But before I start on the good stuff the bad stuff befell Wicky this morning when he hurt his calf muscle in a bad way. He was saying before the game that he was bopping over the weekend but only lasted a few minutes this morning.

Should have missed that last dance Wicky! Take your time mate, lots of ice! And so to the good stuff! Our new rain jackets arrived and we had scenes not unlike TK Max on the car park at the back of Gonzalos car! 'Form an orderly queue.' was the call ignored by many as the scrum took on World Cup intensity! But all was sorted, to be replayed on Wednesday at Sutton!

And then onto Spiros, he scored again today! What have we uncovered? A nice man who enjoys himself! And then onto pitch 3 which is still going on and no one has scored yet still nil nil! Good keeping or bad finishing you decide!

And so to the coffee house where we were treated to 3 different types of cake! And right bloody good they were too! Banana and Cinnamon, Lemon Drizzle and some sort of custard pastry that Come on Eileen made! Jeff Mularky made the first two real quality! El Pres would have loved them! But the best thing we have waited for is this club! Where no one is any better than anyone else and we all stick together and have a laugh and long may it continue!

One thing in finishing I have to mention Wickys impression of Long John Silver as he left the coffee house! Pieces of Eight and all, still smiling! Cheers. 😇🇮🇪

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