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More health and safety

S O’Hooligan

27 Nov 2023

Observation Skills

. Hi O'Hooligan here!

Well we had yet more health and safety to observe this morning as some gentlemen were working on a new roof for the changing rooms.

These guys had been warned by the BT chaps we threatened last week and came with lots of protective equipment so all was good.

The only area taped off was around the Thunder Boxes or Porta Loos but who would want to go near them anyway! The games went well with the usual slight controversies but nothing to serious except Donal damaging his knee and drawing blood after a coming together with Kenny and the floor.

Good Irish blood now adorns the pitch at Ruskin! It would help it grow but it is plastic! Put a plaster on it mate you will be fine! So to the cake free zone of the Coffee Shop where Wicky, who was 69 years young yesterday, showed some great observational skills when he mentioned the photo of Kennys grandson Noah eating his hot dog at Goodison during the week. 'I thought he was eating your leg Kenny.' And when you look at it both are about the same length but the hot dog looks a better colour! Probably tastes better too! Good spot Wicky! Hope for us 69 year young uns yet! Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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