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Further to the government’s new regulations issued on 22nd September, St Helens Beacon Walking Football Club (The Club) has updated its Risk Assessment for Covid -19 and it is published below.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Risk: Transmission of Covid-19 through close contact with others or through shared equipment.


  • All Club Committee and Club members should read the full guidelines as issued by the FA. Click here to view

  • Club members should be made aware a Risk Assessment has been made and is readily available to read via the Club website.

  • Everyone should self-assess for Covid-19 symptoms before every training session. If anyone is symptomatic or living in a household with possible or actual Covid-19 infection they must not participate or attend.

  • Any member who tests positive or exhibits symptoms after attending a session should immediately inform a Committee member.

  • Members arriving and leaving should socially distance as per the guidelines. This should also apply to any briefing sessions or whilst waiting to participate.

  • The Club should keep a record of attendees along with their contact details to support any NHS Track and Trace.

  • Each member shall provide their own sanitiser and hands should be sanitised before and after the sessions. 

  • Goal celebrations and handshakes are not allowed.

  • Each player has been issued with a bib and will be responsible for washing their bib after any session.   

  • Balls and any other equipment (cones, pop-up nets etc.) should be sanitised before and after any sessions and stored in a safe environment.

  • Weather permitting, spot temperature checks should be carried out on as many members as is practical.

  • Although not part of the risk assessment it is recommended that The Club defibrillator is available at all sessions.

  • The risk assessment shall be regularly reviewed particularly following any change in the government edicts or the FA guidelines.

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