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S O’Hooligan

22 Dec 2023


Hi O'Hooligan here feeling angry!

OK who have I upset with my ramblings? Well everyone I have mentioned i suppose! But one of you has taken exception and pushed over my back garden fence whilst I was playing at the Sutton Soccer Dome last night! All who were there have cast iron alibis so that only leaves 80 or so suspects and the wind which may or may not have been a factor! Investigations are ongoing as are the repairs! These things are sent to try us, hey ho!

So to the football! The weather forced us warriors inside to the warm where it was quite enjoyable if a little hectic. What I did enjoy was the chance to shoot a few baskets which I have not done for a long time before we got going last night. I used to play alot of Basketball in my youth, long ago! I learnt a few things last night though like how not to take a penalty as was demonstrated in fine fashion by both Kenny and Wicky the latter taking out a bulb in the ceiling! Quite amazing! But all went well with Lord Rainford throwing himself around like a looney and he wasn't meant to be playing anyway! What a good guy!

So that is the end of another year for our great club. Thanks to you all for the great fun we have shared and wherever in the world you are reading this let's do it all again next year! God bless you all!

Cheers for now. 🇮🇪😇

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