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Plans come together

S O’Hooligan

18 Dec 2023

99 call

Hi O'Hooligan here.

After weeks of planning and secret training sessions and many clandestine meetings our plans for a happy final Monday before Christmas were brought to fruition when 6 Hardy warriors turned up in Santa suits for our session today!

What we didn't plan for was wearing a suit of roofing felt and careering about for an hour and suffering from heat exhaustion! Hard work to say the least! But well worth it especially our 99 call which was borrowed from the great Willie John Mcbride of British and Irish Lions fame which means 1 in all in and the referee can't send us all off!

So when anyone went to ground they were engulfed by a multitude of loonies dressed in red no one was injured in these moments of madness in fact it went so well that It may well be used again in the coming months of very cold weather!

Thanks to all who took part and thanks to our opponents who had to remain calm and patient during the lunacy! And so to the once again cake laden coffee room where we had a little quiz which even though we had the same questions as last year for spell proved challenging but my team won and the money we received in prizes will not change our outlook on life and we promise to still talk to all of you!

Cheers for now. 🇮🇪😇

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