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Eurosceptic Treasurer

S O ‘Hooligan

26 Oct 2023

And a Celtic Hangover

Hi O'Hooligan here! It is only for 15 minutes every week but our meeting room at Sutton provides endless topics to report on and all are true! Our first subject for discussion was Robin and his unfortunate blood clot on his lung. At this time being treated and we all wish a speedy recovery to this very fine gentleman! Then we had Les our esteemed treasurer fitted out with magnifying glass and monocle so no one would off load any euro coins onto him!

He even checked the on line payments so no one gave him them bit coin things! And so to Haggis! Where was he on monday morning? In bed with a great big hangover he was!

Shocking! Drinking the night before a game, none of us more senior players would ever have done that! Would we? And then onto Andy Powell (Enoch) who rolled up with the bibs in beautiful condition after being given the full treatment and smelling terrific, the bibs not him! Martin Williams said 'I just use carbolic soap and the mangle.' Quite right too said I to Clogger (he is referee tonight, stay on his good side.) It didn't work! Then up rolled Nice Les still aglow from his great goal on Monday, satisfied smirk on his face, good man! And in the corner we had Wicky and Kenny trying to find out where to buy extra short long training pants to keep thier little stubby legs warm should they ever have to brave the nasty outdoors!

The mind boggles! El Pres and Gonzalo rolled up with 6 new footballs that needed inflating. 'Enough hot air in here to blow them up.' Was muttered between them! And then Lord Rainford comes staggering up the stairs with 3 bags.

One for his kit second the cones etc for outside and the third is his Coat of Arms which he has to remove from his car when he is not in it! And so off I set to lay out said cones etc and at the bottom of the stairs are Stadler and Waldorf, Mr Mullarky and Mr Prout! Mr Mullarky informs me he is making his debut next Monday and to celebrate he is making Banana and Cinnamon cake!! What are we doing here! Fast forward to Monday!!! So much you can do with 15 minutes. Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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