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Mother Dublin

S O’Hooligan

2 Nov 2023

O’Hooligan MIA

O'Hooligan here! Sorry I wasn't there last night I had to go to the annual conference for writer of the year in Liverpool. I was working behind the bar and doing the cloakroom! Needs must!

My mum has been in touch with me. Now for those new readers she is an 89 year old fine lady of Dublin and not one to be messed with. She said she has been reading the Green Room articles and reckons I am dealing with a right load of ejits!

No mum I replied they are not ALL ejits. There is Little Margaret who although she never shuts up is ok and then there is erm.........erm........erm....erm....erm....erm....! You know what mum you might be right! I took Wicky out in the old pushchair last night aswell to try and raise some extra club funds as penny for the guy.

We didn't get much except abuse, probably cos I couldn't get the bottle of Bushmills Whiskey out of his hand! A few said come back on Sunday and we will throw him on the fire! Not very nice but I will think about it! After the wonderful cake episode on Monday I am tempted to try baking one myself! Shamrock flavoured, watch this space! Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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