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Health and Safety

S O’Hooligan

21 Nov 2023


Hi O'Hooligan here!

On arriving at Ruskin Soccer Dome we had to endure a massive detour of 20 yards to access the pitch as some gentlemen were working on the BT Tower next to the playing area. "You would all be in the drop zone". We were told if one of the gents dropped his spanner, health and safety at all times.

Unbeknown to the gentleman at the top of the mast was he was in more peril than any of us as he was continually peppered with shots going astray! Kenny back from his cruise would have been better playing Deck Quoits as his shots skewed left, right and not very often centre!

But we all got through, not an injury in sight which is nice for a change! And so to our cake strewn coffee shop. Wicky thinking his birthday is this week brought cake, his birthday is next Tuesday! We don't care Wicky you can bring more next week!

Jill was telling a tale that she forgot her 30th birthday once! How many times are you 30? She thought no one had her her slip up but O'Hooligan hears all!

So we all tottered off home giving in our hard hats as we went! I think the gent at the top of the pole was glad to see us go. We never gave him any cake, shame! Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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