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S O’Hooligan

7 Dec 2023


Hi O'Hooligan here.

Well what on earth was going on inside the Sutton Soccer Dome last night?

On reading the comments from eye witnesses they was Frolickings on the floor involving Kenny once again!

OK he owns up to 2 previous encounters with various members of the club but does not mention Donal or Dave Prime who he tried to drag to the floor on monday!

The man is a serial snuggler! And no I am not jealous! Getting back to the sensible people outside Lord Rainford after seeing the article about crazies attacking people with Rolex watches and taking into account Wicky charging around with an icing knife last week settled on wearing a solid gold hunter pocket watch last night. 'You can't be too careful.'

He was heard to say.

And staying with his Lordship he was telling us about his inaugural Croquet tournament held on his estate last week using his palatial lawns and his mallets and his balls and his hoops and guess who won!

There is no photographic evidence of this or press reports as we are on a club wide ban on reporters and thier scurrilous ways so we will take his word for it!

El Pres after his fine work distributing the bags and tops and various other garments was saying he had an invite from Charles and Camilla to attend thier Polo club but he has declined the offer as it clashes with a Warrington Town home game!

They probably wanted him to pick up the horse droppings for thier rose bushes anyway! Cockney Rebel turned up to pick up his bag 'this wevah is orrible.' He moaned after coming from 25 degrees he had a point! That speech therapist has her work cut out wiv im! Cheers for now. 😇🇮🇪

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