Roll of Honour (Rock of Shame)

All goals scored either at the Beacon or Sutton Leisure Centre’s indoor arena or other venues are from this day considered to be forgotten. The individuals who might have recorded such goal scoring feats will doubtless not forget, and will regale the legendary status of these efforts for ever more, especially after a few drinks. We salute you and your dubious memories.

Roll of Honour (3 goals or more in a session)


Player                     Date                Goals

Chris Fitzpatrick        09/02/2020  4

Chris Fitzpatrick        01/10/2020  3

Mike Harrison          05/10/2020  3

Chris Fitzpatrick        21/10/2020  4

Chris Fitzpatrick        28/10/2020  4

Andy Houghton        02/11/2020  4

Chris Fitzpatrick        16/12/2020  5

Chris Fitzpatrick        21/12/2020  3

Chris Fitzpatrick        23/12/2020  4

Chris Fitzpatrick        31/03/2021  5

Derek Taylor             05/05/2021  3

Steve Forshaw          12/05/2021  3

Derek Taylor             19/05/2021  4

Steve Forshaw          24/05/2021  3

Derek Taylor             02/06/2021  5

Steve Forshaw          07/06/2021  3

Phil Middleton          16/06/2021  4

Chris Fitzpatrick        23/06/2021  3

Tom Parr                  02/08/2021  3
Chris Fitzpatrick        26/07/2021  3
Chris Fitzpatrick        04/08/2021  6

Phil Middleton          09/08/2021  3

Steve Forshaw          23/09/2021  3

Chris Fitzpatrick        29/09/2021  3

Mick Makin             29/09/2021  4

Derek Taylor             29/09/2021  5

Rock of Shame (moments of madness) 

M Williams Blue Card 16/12/2020

Derek Taylor Blue Card 23/12/2020

Derek Taylor Blue Card 21/04/2020

Derek Taylor Blue Card 07/04/2020

Dave Barrow Blue Card 30/06/2021

Dave Barrow Blue Card 30/06/2021 (yes two in one night)

Dave Grazer Clark Blue Card 12/07/2021

Derek Taylor Blue Card 11/08/2021

Derek Taylor Blue Card  08/09/2021 (Simulation)

Joe Hardman Blue Card 29/09/2021 (Denial of a goal scoring opportunity)

Martin Williams Unsportsmanlike Behavior in the warm up, a wayward shot fired into our Ref Steve Pitt 12/05/21

Commendable effort to our usual suspects who despite all their best efforts have not picked up an Official Blue or Red Card since the last 

There have been a couple of incidents where the patience of Referee Steve Pitt has been sorely tested BUT nothing formally given Well done 

Noteworthy Mentions

John Carson - Capped his debut game with two dislocated knee's and tendon damage. Memorable ... not necessarily for the right reasons. We ALL wish John a speedy recovery.