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Numbers game

S O’Hooligan

14 Dec 2023

El Pres watch.

Hi O'Hooligan here.

Well we gathered as usual last night at Sutton Soccer Dome not knowing what sort of games we would be playing.

Numbers were well down so we all thought it would be 9 a side indoor murderball until a couple of malingerers were dragged in screaming to make up the magic number 20 so it was Pipe and slippers and outdoor warriors again!

Somehow outdoor warriors picked up another 2 on the walk across so we had a good number for 6 a side and what a game we had. End to end excitement ensued brilliantly refereed by Jeff Betty who after awarding not 1 but 2 penalties against Gonzalo(son of El Pres) was keeping a very close eye on the gate expecting a rampaging attack as some presidents are inclined to do these days but none occurred!

He was obviously caught up in the warmth of the pipe and slipper game. What Jeff did do to protect himself was penalise anyone who passed the ball within 2 feet of himself so when Gaz(good to see you back) whacked the ball straight at him he was given a straight rainbow card!

Which bans him from all games and training and social events and even the wattsapp group for 5 years! Harsh we all thought so he appealed and his appeal was heard as we waited for Degsy to take a penalty, which he missed and his appeal was upheld and cut down to buying a round for all club members past and present at the Christmas do on friday!

And of course apologising to Jeff the Ref! On the walk back across I was with Deano and Martin and I commented on Martins still missing first and second touch! 'I haven't played for 5 weeks.' He said. Deano said 'yes it shows mate' who needs enemies with mates like this! Good people!

Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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