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Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)*

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Those of a certain generation will instantly conjure up pseudo psychedelic elements and expansions of a mind blowing kind But the lyrics Ah those lyrics

“Now when the day goes to sleep And the full moon looks The night is so black darkness cooks”

Back in 2023 The day was preparing to go to sleep as twenty eight walking footballers warmed to their task under the expert tutelage of Andy Man(anger) We settled on 2 simultaneous games of seven a side with our Head Judge Jeff Betty and Bruno Tonioli substitute Darren Sampson as Officials for the planned programme of matches

The sides selected were;

Blue - Deggs, Grav, Chris 4G, Deano, Cockney Rebel, Phil the Power and Phil Lynch

Red - Neil Manalishi, Enoch, Citeh Geoff in Red, Martin Mc, Tom Stretch, Steve Carine and Les Meldrew

White - Gonzalo, Haggis, Colin the Late, Mike Ox, Ian Lefty Bridge, Kenny and Wicky

Yellow - Keith Slater, Lee Thomo, Andy Man(anger), Michelle Stunning, Dave Chuckle and Chris Prout (ChrisP or Crispy? - ooh please yourselves)

Games were promptly underway in an effort to ensure everyone had the chance to play each other Under the watchful eye of the World’s Press former Chart Topper Samo’ got play going in his game featuring White & Red

Red found themselves a goal down within the opening minute when Gonzalo unleashed a shot that our green hero could only wave at as it settled in the net 1-0 to White

On the adjacent greenery Blue and Yellow took rather longer to settle with both sides content to knock the ball around to work an opening Plenty of good football but neither side able to find a clear shot Within 3 minutes Tom Stretch found a pocket of space to fire home an equaliser 1-1 but elsewhere still nil - nil between Blue and Yellow

Huyton’s finest produced a typical result when stopping to consider his options A pass fizzed behind all players with a number of players primed for action As often debated a player with that off the cuff ability needs time to stop and think like a hole in the head

Two little gems from these opening games included an appeal for running made by Sprint Team Captain a terrific twist and turn by Haggis that deserved more than a mere corner

Steve Carine was on hand to fire home to make it 2-1 to Red but Gonzalo produced a deft effort into the corner, following a quick free kick to draw the sides level once more One downside to wearing a luminous kit is that attacking players can easily see where that keeper cannot reach 2-2

Haggis produced a superb moment with touch and turn but was unlucky not to find some reward Ref Samo’ stopped play to congratulate and offer encouragement to the youngster A looping effort that dipped below the cross bar was ruled out for having threatened aircraft whilst on route Samo’ denying Blue with a rare shot near target 0-0 the final score Blue and Yellow largely cancelled each other out Whilst Red and White did find the net but not a winner in their 4 goal thrilling draw

Blue met White, whilst Yellow battled Red under the beady eye of Herr Betty Initial minutes were frantic with running discouragements required to slow play down to a sprint

Phil powered Blues ahead with a venomous shot that Colin couldn’t hold Moments later Colin did field a similar effort from Phil then Cockney Rebel was close to extending the lead

Tom Stretch powered in Reds opener to break the deadlock And tried to repeat the trick but was just off target Chris 4G was a grateful recipient of a keeper error as Haggis failed to deal with a tame effort from close in 2-0 to Blue

Tom stretched the Red lead with second Both games now 2-0 with Red and Blue both on top

The final games pitched unbeaten Red v Blue and White v Yellow

White took an early lead thanks to Colin Yellow still finding their feet on the super fast pitches Steve Carine chanced an effort that rebounded miles away after striking Deggs’ chest

Crispy claimed a quick reply to make it 1-1 between White & Yellow Moments later White regained their lead with Ian Lefty Bridge on the mark

Steve Carine grazed the outside of the post for Red before on the adjacent pitch Mike Ox saved brilliantly only to concede a penalty for exiting his area

Yellow’s Crispy fired home 2-2

Great entertainment unless you're playing

A fine period of very even football followed as the shadows lengthened Gonzalo broke the deadlock to put White in front 3-2 White over Yellow at the final break 4-2 to White with Lefty firing a sizzler

Blue exerted some pressure in the opening exchanges of the last period but no further goals Cockney Rebel went close after a smart turn Some blatant time wasting kept equilibrium and time running out Joe did stake a reminder that he was still involved but his shot came to nothing

Steve Carine took full advantage to fire Red into a 3-0 lead Tom Parr with the others In the dying embers Deggs claimed his usual goal that left the keeper floundering 3-1 the final score Red victorious

Gonzalo produced another strike to put White 5-2 ahead in the other match

Lee Thomo poked a ball through for Crispy to finish 5-3 and White comfortable winners in the final game to finish

The night was hot and humid but the football served up was lively and energetic No corners cut or liberties taken great entertainment enjoyed by all As darkest fell across the land the mood mellowed, perhaps it was the Boot Room’s libations If only they charged 1970 prices!

Green Manalishi* - Fleetwood Mac 1970 line up featuring the exquisite voice and song craft of Peter Green (decent guitarist too)

The title was inspired by a dream that Green recalled when he was visited by a green dog that barked at him from the afterlife He believed that the dog represented money

The old expression if you remember the Seventies you probably weren’t there! springs to mind about now

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