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Hi O'Hooligan here.

Now I start wondering if I am talking to the correct group of people as our site seemed to have been taken over by the World Wildlife Organisation over the weekend!

All sorts of wild things and not a picture of Chopper that is why I had my doubts! I would have put on my pet Sloth and snail but they have both done a runner, sulking after I beat them both in our latest race around the garden! Bad losers!

Yesterday I took myself down to Ruskin to say hello and was given a great welcome by everyone!

Thank you for that, means alot! I then employed myself as ballboy and was given a right workout as nothing has changed with misplaced passes and shots whizzing in all directions!

Good fun, thoroughly enjoyed it! No cake in the coffeehouse though, something the committee must address!

Allocated birthdays may be the only answer! Great to see you all and I will be back playing in a few weeks.

Cheers! 😇🇮🇪

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