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Quiz Night 2023

Hi, first I would like to thank all the participants for coming out on a horrible rainy windy evening, so I thought I would give everyone who came to the quiz night a reminder of the night and all those that couldn't make it a taste of what happened.

We had ten teams (59 people in all), food (hot pot) Was served to 36, His lordship took on the task of dinner(lady) however unlike last time we had plenty of food, calling people back for 2nds and even 3rds.

It was announced that big prizes were up for grabs with the winning team the potential of going home with £300k & the runners up £100k

The Quiz started we had 10 rounds plus pictures of 10 questions, subjects were: 
Picture Quiz x2, History, Sports, Taste round (crisps),  Name the band, 3s (I will and give you 3 possible answers, but only 1 is correct)  Food & Drink, TV theme tunes,  Geography, Celebrity Trivia & General knowledge.

In between the subjects we had games of Heads & Tails and play your card right (higher & lower), 2 special moments of play your cards right when Michelle and then Chris won, think Michelle's team thought she had won money and Chris chose a bottle from the raffle prizes only for both to be pointed towards the actual prize a chocolate biscuit bar, what do you expect for nothing😂

After the scores were validated (VAR had to step in)  The winners were The Turks Head fan club and close runners up The Legion of Doom

At the time of writing no one has admitted winning however, I understand Lord Rainford's butler is still working out how scratch cards work 
A few things to consider & improve, the sound system for the music rounds and how we do the scores, and maybe better prize for PYCR (purchase a ticket to play with a monetary prize)

Let's do it all again next year.


Le Tournoi

One of our members Kirsty has her inspirational story in the Liverpool Echo

St Helens Walking Football Club have hosted its first ever internal football tournament. We've had a range of teams play in a  series of round robin games. The teams were made up of Over 40's, Over 50s Over 60s Over 65s and a ladies team. Last week saw the first semi final with the Over 40s beating the Over 60s. This week saw last years WFA Regional Cup heroes the Over 65s take on the Over 50s with the tournaments closet game ending 1-0 to the WFA Champs the Over 65s. 

The final will now take place between the Over 40s and the Over 65s on Thursday 25th May at 6:30pm. The game will be played at Ruskin Drive ahead of our AGM meeting. Please come along to support the teams. Further details will follow. 


No this is nothing to do with breakdown cover, drinking too much alcohol, or even Amateur Athletics.


AAA stands for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. This is a bulge or swelling in the aorta, the main blood vessel that runs from the heart down through the chest and tummy. It can be dangerous if it is not spotted early on. It can get bigger over time and can causing life-threatening bleeding


So why is SHWFC telling you about this? Well, in England, screening for AAAs is offered to men during the year they turn 65; and men aged 65+ are a lot of our members! Screening can help spot a swelling in the aorta early on, when it can be treated. The test involves a quick and painless ultrasound scan to see how big your aorta is.


Women aged 70 or over, who have underlying risk factors such as high blood pressure, may also be advised to attend screening for AAA.


So, when you get an invite from the NHS to go for a screening, don’t bung it in the bin or be a wuss and ignore it. Our Secretary, Lord Rainford recently went for an AAA screening at Newton le Willows hospital. He is happy to report that it was painless, took 10 minutes and nothing needed to be removed below the waist, so sparing his modesty.


And if you haven’t had an invite and are starting to panic, this link will tell you who to contact, and more about the condition

2023 Race Night 

We are now collecting payment for the race night you can make payment to the club online (same account used for subs) please identify payment as Race X # tickets and also advise on the WhatsApp group you have paid.

For those who would rather pay cash I will be there in the new year (Tickets are £3 or £7.50 with food).

Tickets are still available if you don't have plans for the 3rd February please come along and support the club just let me know on the WhatsApp group


St Helens WFC Christmas Night at The Turks 

Thank you to everyone who attended the annual St Helens Walking Football Christmas Night Out. A great night was had by all who attended. It was wonderful to see so many people from the club and their partners. 

St Helens WFC World Cup Sweepstake

Congratulations to our Winner Les Brack with Argentine with Geoff Painter runner up with France 
Until next time Happy Christmas and a Happy and HEALTHY new year to one and all all 

St Helens WFC World Cup Sweepstake

Last Sixteen


Netherlands. Michelle ‘Stunning’ Dunning

Argentina. Les ‘Victor Meldrew’ Brack

Brazil Peter ‘El Presidente’ Fitzpatrick

France. ‘Citeh’ Geoff Painter

Croatia Not selected money to SHWFC

Portugal. Derek ‘Deggsy’ Taylor

Morocco. Paul Moore

England. Donal MacCormack


Senegal. Eliminated. Mike ‘Ox’ Oxley

Spain. Eliminated Eileen Nicholson

Poland. Eliminated. Martin ‘Cockney Rebel’ Briggs

USA. Eliminated. Dave ‘Amazon’ Prime

Australia. Eliminated. John ‘Lord Rainford’ Hawkins

South Korea. Eliminated. Joe ‘the Ghost’Hardman

Japan. Eliminated. Chris ‘Gonzalo’ Fitzpatrick

Switzerland. Eliminated Steve ‘Goldie’ Goldthorpe


Winner £22. Runner up £10


The Club’s AGM was attended by a good cross-section of members at The Wicket Ruskin Drive on Friday 23rd September

The Management Executive was delighted with the broad range of business resolved on a night that mixed new Club constitutional measures with some celebratory moments too

Presentations were made to the Over 65s squad that won the Regional Final of the WFA National Cup

The squad was; Dave Barrow, Geoff Painter, Peter Fitzpatrick, Tom Parr, Allan Maldon, Colin Williams, Steve Forshaw, John Davies, Mick Makin, Mike Andrews, Tony Byrne, Les Brack and John Hawkins

Players added to the Squad for National Finals Day

Eamon O’Donnell and Tom Derbyshire will be presented with commemorative medals in due course

One of the highlights of the AGM was the presentation of Lifetime Membership Certificates to Michaylo Fedyk (presented in absentia) and Alex Jackson Both had served the Club, since we formed back in 2015, with energy, commitment and dedication In addition there was a presentation of gifts to Coach John Davies and Derek Deggsy Taylor who stepped down from the Management Executive after great service to the Club

In possibly the night’s most significant measures there was agreement to move next year’s AGM to April/May, much closer to our Financial Year End Plans are in hand for a new internal Team Competition to feature all members with the target date to be just before the AGM with a special presentation to the winning team to be incorporated into the AGM programme

Alex receiving his award
John Davies Receiving his award
Derek Taylor Receiving his award

International Call Up 

Our Chairman, Peter Fitzpatrick, a member of St Helens Walking Footballer since it started in 2015 has made his International debut at the grand age of 70! The Club has grown hugely in the past few years and has enjoyed some success in the WFA National Cup campaign this year with their Over 60s and Over 65s progressing Two of our players; Andy Captain Houghton and Allan Maldon are involved with NW England Over 60s regional Squad, but Peter has become the Club’s first full international having played in Dublin for the Republic of Ireland Over 70s team

The 4 Nations Cup event was staged at the Abbotstown Sport Ireland Campus and featured teams from England, Wales and the Isle of Man In addition there were Over 40s and Over 50s Ladies games Peter helped Ireland to victories over England 3-2 and Wales 3-0

‘It was a dream come true since I was a boy I’ve always wanted to play for my ‘country’ My parents and whole family were Irish so my allegiances were never in doubt My Mum and Dad would have been immensely proud One of my cousins was there to cheer us on, having travelled down from County Tyrone to witness a little bit of Family history’   

Walking Football has restored my passion for football after a period of doing nothing once my playing career and Club involvement finished ‘The luck of The Irish must surely have been on my side.

Bowls, Banter and Beer.

Several members of SHWFC decided on 25 June to expand their sporting knowledge a bit and, courtesy of Coach John Davies, try their hand at another game - Crown Green Bowls.


John is a member at Haydock Cricket & Bowls Club and secured the green for us whilst the focus of many club members was on a 1st XI match next door. Under his tuition we were introduced to the mysteries of bias, 'thumb' and 'finger' and the fact that what we were playing on was NOT a flat service.


Now, when you watch this sort of thing on the TV the bowls end up closely to the jack and measurement is tight as to who has 'won' an end and whether they have got 1 ball 'in' or two. For us inexperienced walking football-ites if our bowl ended up anywhere within a metre of the jack you could be reasonably sure you were on to a winner.


Plenty of us struggled with remembering about the bias, with quite a few 'which way does it turn again, John ?' type questions. And the lack of flat surface (the clue is in the name Crown!) meant many of us had our bowls falling foul of the slope at the edges and ending up in the ditch.


The honourable exceptions to the above were Steve 'Clint' Eastwood who bought his own shiny orange bowls and also Dave 'Grazer' Clark, who we were all really chuffed to see out and about again after his radiotherapy treatment.


It was a great fun, we all had a happy afternoon and the weather behaved itself. I suspect it won't be the last time we try our hand at Bowls, so many thanks to John Davies and well bowled everyone!

North West England Team

Congratulations to Club Captain Andy (Capt) Houghton who following successful trials will be part of the North West England Team to take part in Regional matches this year His first appearance is at Sheffield in 3 weeks time More details when we hear more. 


A great achievement for Andy personally and recognition for the Club too

Andy Haughton makes English National Team

International Women's Day

Walking Football, as one of the fastest growing sports in the world, is the perfect vehicle to let women enjoy the traditional boy‘s own macho world of football In the vibe of the moment it is a true levelling up opportunity. Players aren’t allowed to run or jog, and as a non-contact sport it provides an inclusive environment for all players.

Walking Football is an excellent way of staying fit and healthy. The threat of pain, discomfort and injury is reduced by the slower pace and reduced contact Importantly it can also offer a route to play to those who might never played before.

St Helens WFC formed in 2015 had several ‘newbies‘ over the years playing purely for fun for the first time.

In 2021 our first lady member joined our ranks Anita Ashcroft was no stranger to football as she explains “I played for St Helens Ladies FC in the 1970s. Our games were played at the Town Ground Hoghton Road in Sutton under legendary manager the late Joe Grice. In my playing days I was a number 10, I once scored 7 goals in one match, I was especially good at heading the ball, which sadly is now of no use to me playing walking football. My most important game was an away match against the famous Doncaster Belles, which happily we won!

I have 2 footballing role models My Great Aunt Lizzy Ashcroft a member of the famous Dick Kerr Ladies alongside another St Helens’ lass Lilly Parr. Despite all the odds Lizzy became Captain of the team at a time of unparalleled success. My other role model would be Juan Mata I love his unassuming and quiet attitude, He is a great team player, just gets on with his game.

I joined SHWFC to improve my general health and well-being. My mobility now is not so great unfortunately. But ive been made to feel most welcome and supported by all the guys, Truly Goodfellas as we sometimes joke. It’s a great way to meet like minded people, new friends and enjoy team sport once again I’d urge any woman with an interest in playing football to come along and join us”

Sheila Darwin joined our numbers recently instantly doubling our lady playing numbers Like Anita she was no stranger to football in earlier years “I’ve been kicking a ball with my Sister and Boys practically all my life Mum would always know where to find me if the football was also missing.

I played in a team that was put together with friends from Rainhill Hospital, where my Mum & Dad worked. We played only friendlies as there was no formal league structure locally at that time I loved scoring goals so I guess I was a striker.

My role models would be Hope Powell who inspired me as England and later GB Olympic Team Manager

Steve Gerard would be my male role model I’m an avid Red since I was a school kid, He was a great player and now manager of course

Like Anita, I’ve been made very welcome by the guys and would heartily recommend Walking Football to everyone It’s a great The rules have been devised to accommodate healthy exercise and team camaraderie“

St Helens Ladies Football Team

Bryan David Clark 1952-2021

Born in Battersea London on February 1952   Bryan joined SHWFC in May 2021 as part of our development project each Monday morning at Ruskin Drive He explained his desire to lose some weight but look at Walking Football as the next stage of his love affair with the beautiful game His journey through football had included a life long support of Pompey having moved to Portsmouth as a baby 
In latter years he’d moved north and followed the meteoric rise of Salford City FC











In addition he served as a referee and weekend assessor A Ruskin session with WFA Referee Steve Pitt encouraged him to look at qualifying to officiate walking football matches 
On the day he died he’d watched a SHWFC session following Steve’s every move, before joining team mates to talk all things football in the Club’s spiritual home the Turks Head 
He enjoyed the craic and left on good form with word that he was the man in middle that night at Leigh, Sadly that 5-a-side session had to be abandoned as Bryan collapsed during the half time break
Bryan was married nearly 50 years to Pauline, with a son Gary, Daughter in Law Rebecca and Grandchildren Hannah and Sam At this time we pass our condolences to his Family and friends for their loss

We mourn the loss of our friend and team mate, Bryan a true football man 

Bryan David Clark RIP

Ruskin Drive 1 Year Anniversary

Many thanks to all who attended the Ruskin Drive Anniversary at The Turks Head. A fantastic time was had by all. 

Ruskin Anniversary
Turks Gathering

Ruskin Drive 1 Year Anniversary

On Monday 20th September we invite as many as possible to join our 1st Anniversary session at Ruskin Drive. 10:45 for 11am kick off. Join us afterwards for celebratory beverage and something to eat, in the Turks Head. All Welcome.

Turks Head, Cooper St, Saint Helens WA10 2DQ

AGM Meeting

Many thanks to all who attended the AGM a most productive night.
Special Thanks to Martin Chopper Williams (The Clockface Troubadour) Below is a highlight of his set "Grandads Playing Football". Copies of his excellent CD available directly from Chopper, great value at £5 

Grandads playing football wavMartin Chopper Williams
00:00 / 02:58

Click below for a video of "chopper" entertaining everyone at the AGM

AGM Meeting

SHWFC Annual General Meeting
Turks Head Cooper Street St Helens
27 August 2021 at 19:00

1 Apologies for Absence

2 Minutes of last meeting 12/12/2018

3 Matters arising

4 Amended Constitution 

5 Chairman's Report 

6 Treasurer's Report

7 Secretary's Report

8 Election of Officers*

9  Auditor Statement**

10 Any other business

* All current Officers have indicated they wish to remain in Office Any person seeking Election to any Executive Committee role must be proposed and seconded no later than 7 days prior to AGM In such instances a Vote by eligible members will be carried out at AGM
** Auditor appointed in May 2021 to comply with Club Constitution obligation Declaration by Auditor contained on Club Accounts Notes

The Old Saints 
(with apologies to TNS) 
Bowed out of the WFA National Cup at the first hurdle with our Over 50s falling to Everton 3-1 at Netherton, despite leading 1-0 at half time Deggsy Taylor claimed the Club's first ever WFA Nat Cup goal and hit a post as well as forcing 2 smart saves from the hosts keeper A second half collapse meant it was Everton who moved into the Draw for Round 2 
Fortress Ruskin proved too inviting for our Over 60s with opponents Third Space Bolton much too organised and lethal in front of goal despite several fine saves by Barrow 4-nil the final score 

Credit to our teams for their gutsy determination but we are now free to concentrate on a good League run for a European place

WFA National Cup 

News from the Treatment Room

Further update from John Carson  medical team
John was being put through his paces by the Physio today He's making slow but steady progress (sounds like he's getting the hang of the Club banter) 
His wife enjoyed some of the Cognac the Club so thoughtfully supplied for her Birthday 
This in no way accounts for the rough behaviour reports from Police in the Haydock area

WFA National Cup

St Helens WFA mark their first appearance in the National Cup with 2 fixtures this weekend 


Over 50s get a glamour away tie to Everton on Sunday 4th July at Goals Netherton L30 1QQ

Kick off is at 1:00 Everton will pose a mighty challenge for Coach Davies and his youngsters playing regularly competitive games in the Prescott League 

Look out for a truly Stars and Stripes day 


Our Over 60 have a home fixture at Ruskin Drive WA10 6RP at 11:15 on Monday 5th July with visitors Third Space Bolton providing the opposition. Based at Leverhulme, Third Space is a community project with a number of activities on offer in the locale. 


Best of luck to all involved 

The Squad for the National Cup 

Andy Houghton      

Phil Middleton      

Derek Taylor       

Ian Hopkins         

Joe Hardman         

Tom Parr            

Steve Forshaw       

John Hawkins        

Dave Barrow         

Mick Machin         

Colin Williams      

Jeff Birchall       

Peter Fitzpatrick   

Les Brack           

Len McGrail         

Tony Byrne          

Michaylo Fedyk      

Mike Andrews        

Wayne Barron        

Steve Rivers        

Mark Gravener       

Nigel Smith         

Lee Speight         

David Hamer         






28th June 2021

We are happy to report John Carson has had further physio on his knees He's working hard and enduring some agony getting the work done He's back at Whiston for x rays & further checks on Monday then lots more physio Seems cheery but going through a lot of pain in recovery



25th November 2020 

St Helens Walking Football Wins National Competition Prize 

There was a huge boost for the Club at the start of September with the news that, we had won a prize in a major national competition sponsored by Harry's Razors. Our prize was a brand new kit and football equipment. In light of the current Covid-19 crisis, there was a delay before the finished kit arrived in the Chairman's safe keeping. 

There was a goody bag for 25 players with a bright new full Umbro kit in Orange and Black, featuring the Harry's logo emblazoned on the chest, back and shorts. In addition Harry's provided samples of its grooming products.

Each player supplied a selfie modelling the new look kit, see our rogues gallery below. 

Harry's selected two of our heroes to be part of their new social media film campaign. See details below:


Harry's Website:

Twitter post:

Instagram film crop:

Partnerships which will feature the film: 

John Injured