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This Precious Moment*

Time seemed to fly in the latest instalment of Wednesday's Walking Football fun at the Sutton Leisure SoccerDome No sooner than we warming up in anticipation of a good old moan about how one-sided the teams were, than we were shaking hands and passing sincere good wishes for spirit and sportsmanship of all for the past hour Sometimes the expectations become greater than the time spent but this Wednesday night's games were terrific A precious moment shared by a very decent turnout of players, officials and camp followers (who are you calling camp?)

In the final analysis teams were fairly well suited to ensure fair play and sporting integrity A little tweak might have been made some different outcomes but hindsight is all seeing and all knowing

The teams lined up as follows;

Yellow - Harry the Hatchet, Eamon, El Presidente, Citeh Geoff and Deano

White - Keith, Steve Carine, Kenny, Haggis and Deggs

Blue - Paul P, Chris 10P, Kirsty, Gonzalo and Chris 4G

Red - Darron, Phil the Power, Paul Henesy, Andy Man and Joe the Ghost

Orange- Tom Derby, Gaz, Willo, Robin and Neil Stretch

Green - Grav, Jim, Simon, Barry Wizz and Muller

Referees for the evening were Chopper, Jeff Betty and the reluctant last minute addition Mr Les Meldrew Information for the individual game scores and scorers was a challenge therefore So rather than follow our traditional format we will adopt a revolutionary approach to give a little taste For those we might overlook, humble apologies

Chopper officiated over a series of tight games all played in a sporting manner with bags of enthusiasm and high level of technical skill on show

Red and Green produced lots of endeavour but a distinct lack of goals 0-0 Red starting a run of drawn games that would mark their session Hard to beat, but bereft of goals Yellow started with a 2-0 defeat with Blue lots of possession but forgetting to shut up shop at the back, Gonzalo and Chris 10P on target Orange squashed the White challenge 3-1 Gaz fired a quick brace Tom Derby another with Steve Carine replying for White

Orange held Red in a tight affair, neither side able to find a breakthrough 0-0 the result Orange did fare better against Green A goal by Gaz matched by Muller 1-1 and a fair reflection of an end to end match up Eamon found a leveller to earn Yellow a share of the spoils after Grav had fired an opener for Orange 1-1 the eventual result though Yellow produced some excellent passing to create a number of chances Blue proved too strong for Orange with Gonzalo claiming the decisive goal 1-0 not reflecting the control Blue held

On balance Blue was probably the night's strongest side and they brushed Orange aside with goals by Gonzalo, Chris 4G & 10P before beating Green 2-1

Chopper reserved special mention and thanks for Gaz, who provided lots of advice and guidance throughout, or 'guff' as the Haydock Troubadour put it

Modesty forbids the author to describe his goal in Yellow's 3-0 mauling of Green, Eamon, Deano and El Pres' ( a personal milestone) but our new feature Green Room has a tribute by Seamus O'Hooligan (cheques in the post) Yellow pipped Red 2-1 Eamon & Deano with the goals Daz firing Red into contention

There was a distraction in the post match media session in the Club's Boot Room with a European 7 goal feast on offer much to the annoyance of some and delight of others At least it wasn't Thursday night! All agreed the evening's games were played the right way with plenty of good football on display Well played everyone Let's do it again

The prospect of obtaining Club Rainjackets clearly must have inspired!

This Precious Moment* - The Tams

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Peter Fitzpatrick
Sep 24, 2023
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