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Ball boys

Hi O'Hooligan here.

I attended the session at Sutton Soccer Dome last night and it was great to see everyone again, well not everyone, as the usual suspects are away on yet more holidays! You know who you are!!

For all who weren't there I had the news that my results came back and I have no bowel cancer which is a great relief to all!

The signing in process seems to be the usual chaos but I heard no screams of "more bloody euros" so one message is getting through! And so to the games!

Once all the goals had been put back together, more chaos that needs sorting, It was good to see the same people doing the same daft things! A mention must go out to the young ball boys! Me and Jeff Prout! Who put in more miles than any of the players, at a much slower pace I must admit. Jeff the ref pulled me up for attempting to run at one stage but that was definitely not happening, yet!

I had to laugh at Deano who rode his bike all the way from Huyton played the game and then arranged a lift back to Prescot where it is all down hill into that little picturesque village where he lives. Good man!

Cheers for now. 😇🇮🇪

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