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Walk On Don’t Look Back*

The merry month of May has finally decided to play the game, the arrival of summer is undeniably evident (and about time) Time then to focus on playing Walking Football rather than covering from head to foot to keep warm The cold weather galvanised some of our players to turn away from our Club ethos and seek instead to exorcise their inner demons with bouts of petulance and bad behaviour Time to reset Time to make the great forward

Walk On Don’t Look Back

Wednesday’s Sutton SoccerDome session was played in the most benign conditions we’ve enjoyed this year Twenty Seven gathered to pay respect to the new order After parting with their pocket money to Les Meldrew and being whipped into a frenzy by El Presidente’s warm up gyrations Andy Man moved among those lined up to form the following teams;

Blue - Richard, Deano, Midweek Michelle, Lord Rainford, Les Hewitt, Thomas and Kenny

Red - Tom Stretch, Phil the Power, Darron, Enoch, Kidda and Chris 10P

White - Robin, Steve Carine, Haggis, Neil Stretch, Chris 4G, Nigel and Andy Man

Yellow - Grav, Thatto Dave, Jason, Eileen, Wickie, Deggs and Les Meldrew

El Presidente took charge of the Blue v Yellow encounter a fast and furious game at times but never drifting in the realms of previous weeks Occasional reminders to follow the Laws of the Game were heeded, no problems worthy of stronger sanction were necessary

Yellow were slightly the better starters, Blue struggling to make an attacking impact

The opening goal followed a suicidal square pass, with Richard Evans picking off the Yellow defence Les Meldrew brought parity working in from wide right to fire home 1-1 with 8 minutes gone Deggs showed some good technique to score a fine goal Yellow from one down now 2-1 ahead Richard almost found an equaliser but Eileen intercepted with a timely toe away from danger Deggs wrong- footed the keeper after Yellow survived some Blue pressure to put Yellow 3-1 up

It was a great long pass from Kenny that provided Richard the chance to pull a goal back 3-2 and a closer reflection on the overall possession now evident On the stroke of half time Thatto Dave struck to make the eventual score line 4-2 to Yellow

In the game between Red and White on the adjacent pitch Red stormed to a 3-1 win courtesy of goals by Graham, Tom Stretch and Darron Referee Jeff Betty clamped down on errant play early in the action and though Steve Carine pulled a goal back it wasn’t enough to save the day

Red produced another flawless showing in their second and final game having too much fire power for Yellow Goals from Andy Enoch Powell, Tom stretch and Chris 10P overwhelmed the Yellow who couldn’t find even a consolation in the face of the extremely well-organised Red menace The match was like everything throughout the evening a great advert of Walking Football Incident free and a joy to be involved with

Blue and White served up another game that was a joy to behold Richard felt the full force of a smart turn and shot by Steve Carine, his thumb taking a fierce volley in the process of a save There was some bewildering questions raised about whether it was a goal kick or corner Richard’s thumb provided sore evidence of his work to force the ball behind for the corner From the corner Nigel rifled the ball through the Blue rearguard who claimed all manner of infringements but to no avail 1-0 to White Fghting their way back into contention, Blue mounted a period of pressure without really troubling the score board Richard then picked off a fortunate rebound to drill home the equaliser 1-1

Lord Rainford who had a quiet start to his return to play grew in to the game as an outlet on the left for Blue Moments later the Blue went ahead when Morris Dancer bells jingled to full effect as the enobled one found the net with a deft shot to make it 2-1 to Blue Ten minutes left and all still to play for Blue holding a narrow advantage Richard conspired to miss the most open of opportunities from a wayward clearance (not his night?)

As time ran (walk surely) down the chances at both ends became harder to find Steve Carine lashed home to make it 2-2 Just 5 minutes left to find a winner Les Hewitt lost a contact lens (the night’s only contact!)

With three minutes remaining the game was there to be taken, Blue struck thanks to Deano with a minute left 3-2 Blue looking the likeliest winner The ball ricocheted around with White looking for parity but Blue held out to claim the win

On a night of notable effort and endeavour the games were a credit to all involved

Meanwhile a picture emerged of Barry Wizz Holland, wearing the Khaki Shorts as King of the short sprint (no one would dispute that) Barry and some friends were completing a coast to coast cycle ride from Morecambe to Bridlington The cyclists, timing in the first week of any semi-decent weather for cycling, camping and more cycling was spot on We all look forward to tales of puncture kits and chaffing with our cake

Walk On Don’t Look Back* - Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (a rare Motown recording of the song boys)

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