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Thin Line Between Love And Hate*

Readers are advised that viewing team photos on accompanying Blogs could be hazardous to their health and general well being

Some of our Walking Footballers could be described as ‘having enjoyed a decent breakfast’ before joining their club mates at Ruskin on any given Monday morning The snug-fitting bibs (straining at the girth) might be a giveaway In other cases players are comfortably upholstered and too old to care anyway At least you’ve been warned

Monday morning at Ruskin was another in Scorchio series (not to be confused with the Welsh football S4C Sgorio TV show )

Water or rehydration breaks introduced to help cool the fevered brows

Happily players were sensible (can’t believe I’ve just written that) in their work and conserved energy wherever possible No day for foolish dashing or reckless abandon The Refereeing was shared by Senior Official Jeff Betty, slightly less senior Tony Kenny and Ireland’s own Donal McCormack

Our thanks to each for their steadfast application of the Laws of the Game and sensible game management There was just one reported infraction when a tackle was attempted from the ‘wrong side’ The miscreant, of course, thought it was a legitimate tackle, the Referee disagreed and other players concurred In the end the man with the whistle was indeed correct Drama over

Twenty Six over-heated individuals lined up to stretch and limber up for the morning’s entertainment Two teams of Six and Two of Seven were selected and bibbed out as best we could (see earlier note)

The teams were;

Sky - Phil Moss, Mika, Kenny, Les, Tony Welsby and Citeh Geoff

Purple - Tony Snakehips, Mark No Relation, Paul Jennings, Anita, Mick Maguire and David Sumner

Black - Andy Zac, Grav, Cockney Rebel, Action Jackson, Charlie, Enoch and Gonzalo

Green - Sheila, Haggis, Gaz, Tom Stretch, Geoff Prout, Phil the Power and Wicky

There was a goal feast to set the tone with Sky eclipsing Purple in a 7 goal thriller The first half was close with both sides adapting to the conditions David Sumner and Mark NR were on target for Purple But goals by Kenny, Tony Welsby and Phil Moss gave Sky a 3-2 edge at the interval Kenny & Tony added second half goals as Sky eased to a fine win In fairness the result was always in doubt with chances spurned, woodwork given a damn good thrashing and a good measure of fine saves too

Sky were pegged back in their game with Magnificent Black Seven Sheila earned fulsome praise for a series of excellent saves but couldn’t prevent big Phil Moss grabbing a goal Tom Parr stretched his frame to score a typical goal in reply The 1-1 draw a just result Referee Betty especially delighted with the sportsmanship and honest endeavour on show

Black had earned a narrow win in their first game against Green, Haggis had claimed his trademark goal somehow wrong-footing that normally most reliable keeper Grav to give his side a half time lead After the break goals by Action Jackson and Gonzalo turned the game on its head 2-1 the final margin of victory for Black

Black took on the Purple Six as the temperature soared Two ahead through Action & Cockney Rebel (despite a couple of sitters spurned by Gonzalo) At half time 2 ahead and seemingly out of sight Gonzalo was transferred (was this payback for those sitters?) to spend the second half in Papal Purple. He quickly found the net to make 2-1 But a wayward defensive pass was picked off to present Black with a gift 3-1 Gonzalo netted again 3-2 but time ran out to hand Black a 3-2 win. Referee Donal exerted his authority on side tackles and back chat and earned the respect of all A reminder too that everyone has signed our Code of Conduct Adhere to the Rules and always respect the match officials decisions

The teams drained after a tough session retired to the sumptuous surroundings of the Slipper Cafe (as opposed to the Boot Room) Sheila produced cake to mark her Birthday And all agreed it was a jolly good effort

Our (now) Annual Bowls Day is scheduled to take place in darkest Haydock again soon Saturday 24th June to be exact

Our thanks we extend to John (Coach the original) Davies (still no relation)

The venue is Haydock Cricket Club WA11 0JZ any time from 12:45 onwards John has generously offered to provide some sets of woods (authority word for Bowls)

It’s a great laugh away from football The Clubhouse has a Bar though you may need to dig your copy of last year’s How to speak Yikker guide if you wish to buy anything Play will continue until our Mum’s come to get us

Be there or be square

A Thin Line Between Love And Hate* - The Persuaders (no Roger Moore or Tony Curtis were involved in the recording)

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Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick
15 jun. 2023
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My favourite lunchtime read - a bit worried Tony Snakehips still hasn't mastered how to put a bib on after all these years

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