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Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings*

Hey let’s have a Bank Holiday Monday, what again and so soon Hot on the heels of one barren Ruskin Monday we had another one just to perfect the art of British idling Before the latest incarnation we had a forgotten Wednesday Sutton session that witnessed the return of some familiar faces to swell the ranks

Ian Lefty Bridge played his second midweek game in short order following a long spell on the injured reserve list He continued in all action mode with evidence that his trusty left foot can still unleash a howitzer when necessary

Mike Ox Oxley was another returnee with Ian in the Orange engine room Work commitments have prevented Mike being a frequent visitor but it was good to see him back in action

Colin the Late Williams put in a rare Wednesday night appearance after an injury retirement that on reflection might have been a little too hasty after WFA National Finals day last September

We welcome them all back to the fold of course

SHWFC does get under the skin after a while One thing that is in no doubt - you don’t half miss it when you can’t play and catch up with the gang

There were 4 teams to enjoy the mild weather on Wednesday

Lord Rainford with his distinctive tooting whistle took charge of 3 games whilst El Presidente rode roughshod over three other matches

Sadly due to pressure of space and dodgy memories we can’t offer the full blow by blow account of the games

But Yellow made light of their first game against Orange with goals by Eamon and Chris Prout securing a 2-0 victory

Reds shaded Yellow by 2 goals (Gonzalo and Kenny) enough to see off Yellow who fought back thanks to a goal by Eamon and might have snatched a draw at the death

Red had lost their opener against Blue details of the score and scorers lost in the ether

Blue recovered in the final game from a goal down, an early strike by Steve Carine to snatch a draw Chris Prout on target for the jaundiced Yellow

The lack of detail was not that important as all agreed that the teams were very evenly matched with plenty to admire

That optimism was quickly forgotten by Saturday when our Over 50s fielded a (well over 50 line up) against Droylsden

A Patched up performance yielded any hope of progress in this year’s National Cup to the waste bin of despair 9-1 or 7-1 depending on your viewpoint SHWFC departed the stage like last year’s sparkler POP

Attention turns now to the Tournoi and semi final one this Wednesday at Sutton pitting our Over 40s against the Over 60s A team

Expect fireworks and passion as the Final is just a game away

Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings* - Tom Jones

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