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Making the most of it*

This year (until now at least) our Monday morning sessions at Ruskin have been generally untroubled by the extremes Of the British weather This Monday’s games were blessed by December mild conditions, chilly but dry without any troublesome wind chill The assembled numbers reflected on the decent forecast and clearly decided to make the most of it, with 32 players plus a trio of referees on hand to keep order Andy Man(anger) addressed the Group extolling the virtue of the defensive dark arts

Last Wednesday’s Blog, the epic two-parter, contained some useful pointers from Lord Rainford’s Butler As our regular Blogaristas are allegedly defenders (be serious) there was much nodding of heads Andy then led a vigorous warm up to prepare for the games ahead El Presidente dished out the bibs having made some tough choices for the sides thanks to the Club’s legendary algorithm Moneyball

The sides selected were;

Green - Citeh Geoff, Tony Kenny, Dave Seagull, Robin, Tom Derby, Mika, Paul and Daz Samo

Pink - Chris Willo, Tom Stretch, Phil the Power, Dave Thatto, Jane, Eileen, Liz and a Triallist (verdict unavailable)

Purple - Steve Honeyman, Charlie, Gonzalo, Andy Man(anger), Donal, Jill, Enoch and Goldie

Black - Lord Rainford, Eamon, Anita, John Pidgeon, Les Meldrew, Jeff Betty, Mark (no relation) and Amazon Prime