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Something’s Gotta Give*

It’s been a good week for Les ‘Victor Meldrew’ Brack, our Treasurer and occasional goal grabber Record numbers turned out to play for both this week’s sessions Cue hands rubbing vigorously together and outline of a smile (or was it wind?) on his face

The Sutton indoor/outdoor feast that signals midweek lived up to its reputation for jolly good fun with occasional flashes of excellent football thrown in

The indoor SoccerDome produced its usual glut of goals, though we are assured that the first 40 minutes of play was very even

The teams were;

Yellow - Andy Man, Disco Deggs, Laura, Joe the Boxer, Andy Powell and Ray Carroll

Red - Tom Stretch Parr, Dave Gray, Les Meldrew, Chris 4G and Kirsty

Until the 41st minute the score was locked at 2-2 but then Yellow conceded 3 goals in just 2 minutes There was another Yellow score but it was their last of the evening Red hit 5 goals without reply to stroll to a one-sided 10-3 victory

Meldrew was unapologetic at the conclusion of the game His selection prowess of ensuring he was once more a winner was pure coincidence he explained - Michaylo Rule?

Yellow goal scorers were Andy Man, Joe the Ghost and Laura (3 in 3 games now) Reds scorers Phil the Power with 5, Kirsty 2, Tom Stretch, Meldrew V, and Chris 4G Full marks were heaped upon Referee Mr Chopper who in truth was well on top of the action

The AstroTurf warriors warmed up to the prospect of a 8 v 9 match up But their photo opportunities were interrupted by the late arrival of 2 embarrassed miscreants One was so late that he earned the wrath of El Pres’ in a verbal lashing that was reminiscent of the infamous hair dryer of yesteryear

The eventual teams were;

Orange - Little John, Daz Sammo, Martin Mc, Jeff Betty, Mike Ox, Haggis, Tom Derby, Dave Bates and Deano

White - Eamon, Cockney Rebel, Clarkie, Gonzalo, Michelle, Norman, Jill, Dave Markland, Chris Willo and Neil

So 10 White v 9 Orange for the first segment As is the custom now there was a period of sizing up with both teams trying to impose themselves on their opponents Deano fired a corner across the box but no one had read the chance to take advantage Mike Ox was close but no cigar as they say

Referee reminders of the difference between illegal running and legitimate walking set the tone Both sides, aware that they were under scrutiny, settled into sweeping passes and more measured play and it was a joy to watch

White seized the initiative with a good goal claimed by Norman following good work by Gaz, Jill and Gonzalo