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Double Down*

Wednesday afternoon’s breaking news that the Council had declared the mighty Sutton AstroTurf wastelands a no-go area on safety grounds should have been the signal to relax and kick back

The indoor white heat of the Sutton SoccerDome was unaffected of course

So the usual clamour of oldies and softies who prefer to stay indoors with the Big Light on was suddenly intensified as demand for the mid week fix was notched up In an effort to accommodate as many members under one roof as possible

El Presidente loosened the strings on the Presidential Purse to secure that goal

As most members know we share the SoccerDome with the gymnastic hell-raisers so in a compromise we quickly secured our pitch for an extended period to help as many members robbed of their outdoor action with an hour’s indoor high jinks between 8-9pmIt seems though that for many it’s outside or bust as one by one the Group WhatsApp messages declared non riders or non availability

That meant we now had a 2 hour window to stage our session and just 18 combatants ready to go

Undaunted those committed and plucky few resolved to enjoy the rare chance to double their midweek test A BOGOF if ever there was one! Teams were selected based on the Club’s fabled Moneyball algorithm, rolled out to good effect as follows;

Yellow - Enoch, Tom Derby, Lord Rainford, Harry (the Hatchet) Williams, Andy Man(anger) and Cockney Rebel

Red - Joe the Ghost, Haggis, Steve Honeyman, Grav’, Ray and Les Meldrew

White - Deggs, Michelle, Neil, Norman, Chris 4G and Gonzalo

Referee Martin Chopper Williams under the watchful gaze of El Pres’ signalled to get the opening match,