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What's In A (Nick)Name?

SHWFC has close to 100 active members plus a sprinkling of people that aren’t always able to get to sessions Within our ranks we’ve several Johns, Pauls, Daves, Mikes and Martins

In a sometimes frustrating attempt to ensure we all know who we are it was suggested that we adopt nicknames to try to differentiate between the myriad Daves etc Those of us who’s parents had some imagination we salute you Can’t wait to welcome Tristan and Zander

This updated list is offered to continue the process

Executive Committee

El Presidente. Peter Fitzpatrick

Lord Rainford. John Hawkins

Victor Meldrew. Les Brack

Neet. Anita Ashcroft

Phil the Power. Phil Middleton

Andy Man(anger). Andy Houghton

Cockney Rebel. Martin Briggs

Jeff Betty. Jeff Birchall

Gonzalo. Chris Fitzpatrick


Mika. Mike Andrew’s

Robin. Robin Barnes

Snakehips. Tony Byrne

Michelle Monday. Michelle Berry

Charlie. Charlie Bower

Lefty. Ian Bridge

Steve C. Steve Carine

Jason. Jason Cairns

Gaz. Gareth Clark

Grazer. Dave Clark

Deano. Dean Cureton

Viv. Viv Cutbill

Sheila. Sheila Darwin

Mark NR. Mark Davies

Coach. John Davies

Tom D. Tom Derbyshire

Dave Chuckle. Dave Drewett

Paul Chuckle. Paul Drewett

Stunning. Michelle Dunning

Clint. Steve Eastwood

Rich. Richard Evans

Honeyman. Steve Forshaw

Chris 4G. Chris Gourdji

Grav. Mark Gravener

Shaz. Sharon Hand

The Ghost. Joe Hardman

Paul H. Paul Henesy

Les H. Les Hewitt

Spiro. Spiro Hilda

Barry Wizz. Barry Holland

Paul J. Paul Jennings

Simon. Simon Kay

Chris K. Chris Kelsall

Tony K. Tony Kenny

Paddy. Paddy Kirk

Ref Les. Les Lomax

Haggis Harrison Lovell

Mike McSpeed. Mike Maguire

Dave M. David Martland

Ian Mc. Ian McCarthy

Donal. Donal McCormick

Brendan. Brendan McDonagh

Liz. Liz McDonald

Martin Mc. Martin McNevin

Margaret. Margaret Mills

Roger. Paul Moore

Phil the Moss. Phil Moss

Mulla. Paul Mullarkey

Film. Phil Mullarkey

Murph. Jim Murphy

Come On. Eileen Nicholson

Kenny. Kenny Nolan

Eamon O’Hooligan. Eamon O’Donnell

Coach Neil. Neil Owens

The Ox. Mike Oxley

Tom Stretch. Tom Parr

Little John. John Penders

Paul P. Paul Porter

Enoch. Andy Powell

Brian. Brian Prendergast

Amazon. Dave Prime

Chris 10P. Chris Prout

Geoff P. Geoff Prout

Citeh Geoff. Geoff Painter

Radders. Gary Radford

Gary. Gary Riordan

Daz Samo. Darren Sampson

Julie. Julie Simmonds

Neil Stretch. Neil Simms

Keith. Keith Slater

Nigel. Nigel Smith

Dec. Dec Smyth

Jeff S. Jeff Stanton

Rod. Paul Steiger

Kirsty. Kirsty Stockton

Deggs. Derek Taylor

Jill Tomo. Jill Thomas

Lee Thomo. Lee Thompson

Darron. Darron Walley

Wickie. John Whittaker

The Late. Colin Williams

Chopper. Martin Williams

Harry the Hatchet. Harry Williams

Willo. Chris Wilson

Andy Zac. Andreas Zachariades

Triallist. Player with total anonymity

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