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What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid*

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

No apologies no excuses this is without a shadow of doubt the most obscure referenced start to a Blog in history The Title is of course the title of that 1965 classic album 'What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid' by Donovan which included the smash hit 'Catch the Wind' The use of recreational relaxants might have influenced the title but it was 1965 and as the old saying goes - if you can remember the 60s you probably weren't there! The relevance of the double Bin reference will become clearer as we advance For now thanks for allowing the indulgence

This week's indoor session included 2 bins to ensure that at least two of those playing would never run, tackle from behind or express any opinion at all. In fact they'd never moved instead the bins took up their positions as goalkeepers

This cunning plan was the brainchild of Steve Honeyman who - seeing we had only 4 players per side and remembering how knackered we were last time - suggested we use the bins as keepers but with the twist that a goal was only scored if you hit the bin with your shot. The bins similarity to Steve's hives was not lost on anyone

The two teams who lined up for this radical experiment under the watchful eye of Herr Pitt were :-

Oranges - Les, Citeh Geoff, Ian Bridge and Jeff Betty

Rainbows:- Speedo Mick, Lord Rainford, Grav' and Steve Honeyman.

Now hitting a bin in a goal isn't as easy as it sounds! In nearly an hour of play Oranges ran out 6-4 winners. (that's 10 goals so maybe not so difficult? - Ed) The Bins had arrived from a workout at Culcheth where they had ran out winners from their encounter with some waste paper receptacles and cones!

Rainbow took an early lead through the Hive Meister and the score stayed that way with the bins undisturbed (or playing a blinder!) for a good 10 minutes. Eventually everyone had a good word with themselves, got a grip and by the half time oranges,

the Citrus colours were 3-1 up.

That lead was increased to 4-1 when Citeh Geoff nutmegged M'Lord adding to his growing reputation as a born again forward. But in true indoor style Rainbow came back to make the game level at 4-4 with all players contributing to the score. Sadly these exertions proved too much for them and with everyone dead on their feet two late goals meant Oranges finished 6-4 winners

An enjoyable, strange but exhausting evening. Not sure we'd want to it every week but in the circumstances it did work!

Eleven outdoor warriors made their way to the AstroTurf badlands with news that former Premier League Referee and now TV Analyst Chris Foy was planning to visit to meet with SHWFC Sure enough St Helens-born Chris joined the crew just in time to witness Gonzalo put the troops through their warm up paces He spoke briefly to the assembled group and even allowed Disco Deggs the use of his phone to take some photographs His encouragement and kind words put a definite spring in the step of all He passed up the offer to even up the playing sides so we lined up 6 against 5 though that number included a number of players who were unlikely to pass any fitness test that was never remotely likely to be employed

Reds lined up - El Presidente, Andy Capt, Tom Stretch, Steve Goldie, Mark and Vicar of Dibly

Blues included - Gonzalo, Phil, Cockney Rebel, Disco Deggs and Chopper

Within moments of the start there was a unexpected opening goal from Disco Deggs who fired a speculative daisy cutter through Tom's grasp and into the far corner The goal confirmed that Tom was indeed carrying an injury, his lack of mobility in dealing with the shot clear evidence that all was not well

Reds countered with some superb passing with all contributing to their progress and after a period of possession secured parity with a goal finished by Steve Goldie Soon after Goldie grasped his calf searching for the snipers bullet With no remedy on offer Goldie struggled for the rest of the game, limping wide out before replacing the equally mobility challenged Tom as keeper

Reds had been nursing Andy Capt through the game with his troublesome knee injury So the 6 were in reality just 2 'fit The fitness of the Vicar of Dibly was now vital to keeping Reds in the hunt!

Blues had their chances to take control of the game, but as they passed up several chances with wayward shots it was Reds that scored through Dibley 2-1 and all to play for

Disco Deggs scored an excellent second goal but it was Reds that took the final honours with a goal from Tom that secured an unlikely victory 3-2 to Reds

The injury toll left just 7 fit players to weather the distraction of the St Trinians' Hockey gals

A tough night for all but at least no bins were abused during the session

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