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What a Difference a (Day) Week Makes*

Our thanks once more to Lord Rainford’s Butler for this latest epic Blog after Pimms Last week it was back to Horlicks for M’Lord’s refreshment Last week’s SHWFC Monday session was held at Sutton with the sun cracking the flags, fears of dehydration and a combination of anticipation and nervousness for some of those Over 65’s thinking about their WFA Regional Cup Final v Brunswick OB on the Friday.


A week later, despite the temperature being some 20°lower and the clouds emptying themselves on all and sundry (no fears of dehydration this week!) the mood was buoyant thanks to our famous 3-2 final victory and the prospect of a Finals Day at Lilleshall in September. We didn’t even have to move to the Rugby Pitch away from the shelter of the stand by the side of the football pitch as had been threatened In the end it was too wet for the contractors to carry out their threatened pitch marking. Its an ill wind eh readers?

Welcoming debutant Charlie Bower; and after a speedy warm up in the drizzle led by Andy Capt., we split into four teams as follows:-

Yellows: Anita, Andy Capt., Steve the Honeyman, Citeh Geoff, the late Colin Williams, Mika & Tony ‘Snakehips’ Byrne

Reds: Tom ‘Hot shot’ Stretch Parr, Sheila, Cockney Rebel, Charlie B, Jeff Betty & Tom Derby

Blues: Allan Molly, Steve Ford, Lord Rainford, Kirsty, Dave Seagull & Mike Bates Motel

Purples: Les Meldrew, Phil the Power, Mags, Nigel,Mark (no relation) Davies & Tony K.

Reds started their session with a 2-1 loss to Blues. Despite Friday’s hat trick hero Tom Parr getting on the scoresheet once more, Steve Ford claimed a brace to give Blue the edge in a close game al

Seagull Dave almost got on the scoresheet after a penetrating pass through the Reds rear-guard by Lord R but it came to nought

On the far pitch your scribe has been given reports of Margaret having scored for Purple and (by all accounts) being their player of the day. Sadly, however, there’s no final score to report although one suspects Yellows may have won. This is because, after the session ended, we learnt that Steve Honeyman had scored at least 6 goals in the hour…and that intelligence was not from Steve but from one of his admiring teammates.

Whether or not Yellows won their first game, they certainly won their second. Whilst Blues kept finding their shots blocked Yellows opened up a 2-0 lead with Steve and Colin getting their name in lights, Steve was unable to add to his tally, thanks to both some stalwart keeping by Lord R & the Seagull channeling his inner Lewis Dunk (it’s a Brighton thing!) with a brave point-blank block (difficult to say … difficult to do!). The hapless Blues even failed from the penalty spot, having been the beneficiaries of an encroachment punishment Mika and the be-snake-hipped one kept them busy at the back (including a “ ‘Nita nutmeg” – I will spare the victim’s blushes) when they weren’t wasting a myriad of chances. Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Whilst all these wasted opportunities were occurring on the far pitch, on that nearest the stand Reds got over their earlier loss by overcoming Purples with a score line that my source can’t remember, but thinks it was either 2 or 3 nil. Tough life at the coalface of sports journalism

Into the final matches of the day and after a sensational transfer switch Anita was recruited by the Reds who had noted her previous nutmegging skills, whilst in return Yellows were keen to welcome Dave Seagull to add to their cohort of hardened shot -blockers.

On the stand-side pitch, Blues had a return to form with more accurate shooting (well, by 33.3% of their team) as a 2-0 win was notched up with Steve Ford getting his third of the day; and Molly adding his name to the scoresheet. The firepower of Phil and Mark (still no relation) kept Lord R and Bates Motel on their guard together with Anita, who had to sacrifice her nutmegging instincts for more prosaic work to ensure Blues ended with their second clean sheet.

The final game on the far pitch featured Yellows against Reds; but we have no details of the final score, although it is suspected that Steve Honeyman must have scored at least one (see above).

However, the yelling and applause for a fine save by debutante Charlie means that must have been the Champagne Moment of the day. ‘Incredible’, ‘Would have taken his head off’ and other complements were later reported on the Club’s WhatsApp social group; which I am happy to end this blog with, in order to share this praise with a wider audience.

Let’s do it again soon!


What a difference a (day) week makes* - Dinah Washington (and numerous others)

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27. Juli 2022

THE original & best version of that great song, was definately by the Great Dinah Washington.,,Personally one of my favourite songs ever. Jazz IS.⚽️

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