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Walking Football blooming this July

Despite the loss of star striker Derek Deggsy Taylor (off on a scouting mission in South West England) the ever increasing interest in St Helens Beacon WFC showed no signs of abating this week. We were delighted to welcome back a number of familiar faces displaying their silky skills (and barely disguised inability to walk at all times) Nevertheless the company knuckled down to the early training drills with just the odd unveiled threat and complaint The inevitable game produced much to admire; excellent sweeping passing moves, terrific goals and valiant defending too. One player, who wished to remain anonymous remarked that he could “park his car nearby safe in the knowledge that it would be safe at least from Deggsy’s wayward shooting efforts.”

The turnout, again possibly hindered by inclement weather, continues to grow week after week. Whenever we can safely resume weekly indoor sessions we can assume that the building spirit of the membership will serve us well in the coming months.

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Great to see so many back down to play. Lovely to see the old faces (in every sense of the word ha ha) Looking forward to this week's session. See you all there CF Last chance to order your team jackets this week so let Pete, Michaylo or Chris know. The order will be placed by Friday so don't miss out.


John H
John H
Jul 17, 2020

I've now scored twice in the last 3 sessions and am a bit concerned that my defensive discipline is slipping 😀. Nice to welcome John Eden back from the other side of Billinge Hill.....

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