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Hi O'Hooligan here.

Every week its different at Ruskin Arena! This week we had lumberjacks hacking down trees after the merry gang of 5 last week passing on their measurements! Chopper was so envious! "I could do that" he said. I replied "you do it every week but they are football players you chop down!".

And so to the games. I started so well scoring my first goal as a 70 year old and then the dreaded quad curse hit! I felt something click and thought "that will be sore in the morning" and it is! I lost all use of my right leg but never mind I still enjoyed myself frustrating people playing in goal!

No cake was worse as I had to dash off and get ice on my leg! 5 days to the 10k will I make it? Watch this space!

Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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