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Updated: Mar 16


Hi O'Hooligan here. Well here I am again after spending some time convalescing in the Mountains of Ireland getting spiritual healing treatment for my leg injury. Its coming along nicely and I will be back playing soon, I hope!

At Ruskin Sports Village yesterday we were told that there would be cameras recording us. The rush to the mirrors in the toilets was chaotic!

Some like new boy Tony Bennett didn't bother as he is of course well used to the spotlight, as his many appearances over the years have shown! The five people selected for interview were carefully selected; El Presidente, His Lordship of Rainford with Liz and Jill! And not forgetting Brian Prendergast (almost Teddy's brother?)

All are well used to the cameras with El Pres giving numerous industrial speeches at the UN His Lordship having massive experience in the House of Lords and the girls on their travel show along with Judith Chalmers! Brian knows a man who almost shares an unusual surname with Harold Melvin's vocalist, which as tenuous links go is pretty reasonable

It could be said that the three fellas have more of a face for radio but they sorted it so they got picked!

Instead of my jovial jaunty humour I refereed yesterday and was very happy with the way all the games went Happily no problems to report though I did try my best to upset a couple. Meldrew is so easy to wind up!

Another injury to the calf of Tom Derby and we don't like injuries, give it time Mate or you can always have a go with the whistle and instantly lose a few friends!

Cheers for now! 😇🇮🇪

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