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Round one

Birthday wishes.

Hi O'Hooligan here.

Well round one of my celebrations went rather well. Good fun and laughter all the way as you can all imagine!

Round 2 this afternoon with Ireland, Saints and then Wigan all playing. And then tomorrow we have Liverpool in the Cup final!

And Monday i am back playing with all my mates. Not sure what state I will be in by then but hey ho! Many thanks to all the best wishes I have received from you all.

You really are a good group of people! Thanks also to my cousin Paddy Fields for his article the other day. I feel a bit sorry for him really!

On his bucket list was a backpack tour of South East Asia which he planned in finest detail to take in Vietnam, Cambodia and then taking in the Great Wall of China.

Unfortunately when he landed in Vietnam he came across a border agent who thought he was taking the mick with his name so he put him back on the plane and sent him home! Closest he got to Asia was his local Chinese! Shame!

Right enough waffle I need to have a run before Round 2 starts. See you all soon, God bless and thanks again.

Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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