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Updated: Jan 24

Windsor Knot!

Hi O'Hooligan here. Well what a good night we had at the Sutton Soccer Dome last evening! On my arrival we only had 9 confirmed players for outside but we ended up with 17 which was really good.

The pipe and slipper lot were bolstered by the returning Steve Carine after a long lay off and he is most welcome back! Apparently he scored a few as well so well done mate!

And so to the guys who really matter, the warriors of outdoor pursuits. As there was an odd number of players I volunteered to referee as I had my golden whistle in my pocket This was greeted with many calls of encouragement from the players! (Not).

Early on in the game i had to penalise Mark who, as a fault in the Bib design has to wear his as a tie, but not using a Windsor Knot as is stated in the Club Rules!

I didn't Blue card him for this heinous offence but warned him of his future conduct as he is a relative new boy! The game went really well and as befits our all inclusive attitude in the club I penalised everyone at least once including our ball boys Geoff Prout and Chris 4G for running!

El Presidente will be pleased to know that Darron shouted at one time 'is Peter back next week?' So I knew I was doing a great job! Thanks to all for an enjoyable session and as always we walked away smiling!

Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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