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John I’m only dreaming

On a day to determine the men from the other men, our intrepid heroes pitted their silky skills and dogged determination against the elements rain, wind and yet more rain. Ah I hear you say they all say that, ‘could they manage that on a wet night in Watford‘? We might never find out. This Monday’s session was made light of the elements with a rousing 8 goal thriller.

Weather certainly influenced the numbers available, but we produced some lovely football nevertheless a testimony to the dozen who lined up.

The Reds - Andy, Phil, Jeff, Tony, Martin and Wayne started the better and were rewarded by goals by Jeff and Phil. The latter a delicate placement past the keeper into the far corner. Andy and Martin were solid at the back, Wayne always willing in the trenches, Jeff and Phil marauding further up the park. Undeterred, the Blues fought back with John E and Colin showing lots of neat touches to set up Joe who was a constant threat. Steve held up the ball to bring his teammates into scoring opportunities. David continues to improve especially in finding fellow Blue attackers and by the break Blues had built a decent 4-2 lead. Birthday boy Alan weighed in with his usual timely interventions. The second period was a tight affair with just one goal apiece and an amazing goal line clearance, greatly aided by a goal post. John E claimed the ball as it sat on the line, having seen a shot rifle off the post in the scramble. VAR ruled no goal despite the disapproval of the attackers. Reds failed to convert a penalty too, Andy’s tame effort pushed out by John before Jeff had the rebound bundled away by the grateful keeper. Tony and Phil continued to probe for Reds, whilst the Blues battled through slick inter-passing to retain their lead. In final moments neither keeper was troubled with play confined to the minefield which was the middle of the pitch. Blues claimed a 5-3 victory whilst in the background Saints Rugby team went through a warm up session that included some highly inflammatory ‘music’ It’s a funny old game Saints!

Whatever inspiration you need for Walking Footballers doesn’t come out of a ghetto blaster

Well done to this inspiring bunch of warriors See you on Wednesday

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