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Hi O'Hooligan here! Well after being excluded from the activities at the Sutton Soccer Dome due to the St Helens Insomnia Members taking up all the Pipe and Slipper places indoors last night I was in fine fettle to visit my other set of mates at the gym this morning!

I was able to run, yes, run for an hour, cycle for a bit and then row for a couple of thousand metres. I then threw a few weights around and can now lift a King Size Hot Dog! But not you Kenny! When you are Club Person of the Year you have to maintain a very high level of fitness so you can perform all that is expected of you! It sounded like the session went well in my absence after a few teething problems of people not knowing where they were! Just like on the pitch really! I was able to catch up on Corrie and Emmerdale so all was not in vain and I look forward to Mondays adventures with great excitement. Cheers. 🇮🇪😇

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