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How many touches?

Every week that passes seems to bring its own unique trials and tribulations Yesterday there was a the real possibility that torrential rain might spoil the planned session But the threat failed to materialise and instead play got underway with blues skies The sun like our heroes warming to the task This Blog was provided once again by our roving reporter Phil, who modestly down played his goal contribution in the proceedings

Returning Coach Davies soon whipped his charges into a lukewarm frenzy Some players were relieved that Andy Capt’s contortions of the previous week were unused Others still were oblivious to the whole affair

Refereeing duties were shared by Jeff Betty, who combined this with his playing duties, and Coach who looked after the second stanza

The teams were;

Green - Tom, Chopper, Citeh Geoff, Dave Seagull, Les and Phil

Blue - Andy Capt, Steve Honeyman, Tony, Mika, Mark and Jeff

Tony was welcomed back after a period on the sidelines in a thong and had to be reminded that the game was indeed 3 touch Much to his chagrin, he claimed he didn’t know we played 3 and not 4 touch walking football

“Well he would say that wouldn’t he?” As Mandy Rice Davies once famously said

4 touch outlawed in 2020 by the way

Undeterred by the weather it was the Greens that took the plaudits, their greater movement reflecting the balance of play and in the score line 4-1 with goals by Les, Citeh Geoff, Tom and of course Phil

Andy Capt scored Blues consolation and also saved a penalty from Les, saving Mika‘s blushes having wandered into the penalty area in error

The game was played in good spirits with players helping the officials by owning up to their indiscretions Deflections that might have been interpreted as goal keeper restarts were instead admitted as corners Good to see sportsmanship still has a place in our games It made life easier for the stand in referees

Lets hope this trend continues and referee respect is afforded to all officials in future

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