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Greetings from afar


Hi O'Hooligan here. We often get messages from distant places of our members basking in the sunlight.

Well yesterday we were basking in our own lovely sunshine, 20 or so degrees lower than the aforementioned distant places but bright and beautiful it was!

And a morning of bright entertainment we had! 3 returning members in Daz, Little John and Ian all goalscorers on there first outing for some time and good to see them all back! Well done lads!

Shiela showed great resolve after taking a flying elbow to the face and carrying on in typical fashion as we all knew she would! What a warrior!

One of the highlights of the morning was provided by His Lordship of Rainford who after taking a wild shot which was going nowhere near the goal was fortunate that it landed at Ians feet and he slammed it home! He strutted off like he was Der Kaiser and had provided the pass of the year only to admit, in total confidence, to me that it was actually a shot!

Don't let this report put any of you talking to me off the record, your secrets are safe with me! I only report anything which isn't true! And so to the coffeehouse where we were provided with cake from El Presidente which he again informed me again in confidence that these were made by his own fair calloused hands.

On closer inspection they were in fact paid for by his own fair calloused hands but we don't care and will eat anything! Tom Stretch was in his element sitting himself within easy reach of both types of cake and leaving none for the birds! So off we all toddled with sunshine in our hearts and gloves and hats in place!

Cheers for now! 😇🇮🇪

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