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Hi O'Hooligan here!

What is the last instruction you would give to a group of adults who at the best of times behave like a gang of ten year olds?

'Don't press that button.' Might possibly spring to mind but yesterday someone innocently used that phrase and it caused chaotic meltdown on the whole Club's WhatsApp activities!

Now I am no techie so have not got a clue what went on but I heard it was down to the Russian Sputnik program! Is this true?

Any way back to earth

A great turnout last night and just to prove the ten year old theme Gonzalo pulled Gareth's shorts down as he was taking the warm up! Gareth's shorts is an oxymoron of course, nothing short about Clark Junior

Thankfully he was suitably attired in the under pinning department so nothing too small was revealed! Good to see Gonzalo back to fitness although at one stage he did light up the speed camera that he had warned us all about just down the road!

'Was he running then Sir?' I enquired of Cockney Rebel, in a typical,piece of proactive crawling

'No he was fine.' He replied brushing his fringe back into place from the breeze he had just suffered as a result of that little trot!

Well done Chris!

Cheers for now! 😇🇮🇪

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