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Bib gate overshadows Man scoring goal

Newly appointed Bib Czar John ‘Ironfist‘ Hawkins had his reward for Bib administration with the crisp distribution of Blue and Orange regalia for the sides present for our mid-week Walking Football feast. Declining an interview with the assembled media hacks Hawkins strode purposefully through the evening with steely determination laying all comers prone in the process. One battered centre forward declared “I don’t know what hit me, but look there’s blood“

With the threat of rain and darkening skies the management was keen to get proceedings swiftly underway. Coach Davies performed heroics to warm up the troops prior to invoking Moneyball to determine the line ups.

Blues team; Jeff, Deggs, Chopper, Tom, Phil, Dave B, Lee and Mark

Orange Team; Joe, Andy, Geoff, Ian H, Len, Les, Colin, Jon H & debutant Dave R

A polite request for future recruitment needs - players with unique forenames would be greatly appreciated for Blog writing purposes.

Regular Referee Steve Pitt was absent for the night, having taken Frau Pitt to Berchtesgaden for a romantic interlude. Deputy Reichmarschall and sometimes Chairman Fitzpatrick stood in as the sinister man in black, sporting a neat pair of chino shorts for the fashionistas among us.

Orange raced into an early lead as fitting with the extra man advantage, with Ian H dispatching a fierce drive into the corner of the bulging net. It was to be Ian’s last meaningful contribution as he suffered a recurrence of a back injury that curtailed his evening. As he sped away to deliver vespas to his congregation his team mates regrouped to repel Blues. Blues leveller was from a slightly unusual source, with Chopper burying a chance served up by Taylor D’s delightful layoff. 1-1 and a good contest for the on watching hordes. On that subject a special mention must go to Dave McCarthy who has missed much of the last year on the injured reserve list (if only we had a injured reserve list -NFL seem to copy written that)

This next part of the Blog was possibly a dream sequence or bad trip man as we used to say back in the day.

Blues reasserted control with profligate goal keeping by successive Orange keepers embarrassed by their frailties. Waving a leg at a shot does not constitute a fair attempt to save any goal bound attempt. Yet inexplicably a man in Blue grabbed all the plaudits with FIVE yes FIVE goals in the game. The first was a neat tap in but there then ensued 4 further rewards for efforts that weren’t even on target until they hit a post or the Blue keeper intervened.

Orange did claim a couple of consolation efforts thanks to debutant Dave Roberts and then a sweet strike from Len, converting a chance created initially by Colin.

The man did find the net on one other occasion given initially by Her Chairman, but later rescinded by VAR and the miserable pleadings of the Orange rearguard. In fairness it was a decent goal but the Referee in need of shock treatment at this point relented to chalk off what would have been a sixth goal. “Unbelievable Geoff”

So to put the record straight and put any innocent readers out of their misery The Man was Derek Deggsy Taylor of Huyton without Roby (or is it ropey?)

FIVE goals Four freakish efforts One corker that was ruled out plus an assist for Chopper’s net bursted. A night for the record books and good night for Herr Pitt to miss that particular treat.

Bib Czar Hawkins has already concluded final arrangements for Monday’s bib fest. See you at Ruskin Drive on Monday morning.

Peter Fitzpatrick is at Deganwy Hospital for the Bewildered part time Referees For News at Ten

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