Another inspiring turnout

The number of returning members continues to be a theme of this summer’s training 17 hearty souls braved the weather (who remembers our first 30 degree session?) to be put their paces last night The summer is always a moveable feast with members coming and going on holiday But it is most encouraging that people are enthusiastically enjoying the work and of course the play

The quality of our game is a testament to how well we are adjusting to playing outdoors rather than our our usual indoor sessions at nearby Sutton Leisure There was plenty of evidence of good passing and movement Hard work now will surely pay off when we eventually are allowed back indoors! Just one goal in an hour was poor reward for the effort put in but it shows that defending is improving as we progress We had some amazing goal mouth clearances and close shaves but Phil Middleton notched the only goal in the dying minutes of the session Andy Houghton and Geoff Painter marshalled one defence with the 2 Martins (Briggs and Williams) closing down all efforts at the other end

The pass of the night was a blazing end to end effort by Lee Speight There was the richly deserved yellow card (can’t believe it’s his first in 4 weeks!) for Deggsy Taylor

Colin Williams inability to count to 4 was a tetchy moment for Ironman referee Peter (Specsavers) Fitzpatrick But above all it’s another great evening

Well done everyone looking forward to next week already

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