A rainy night in Sherdley

Great session one Wednesday night despite the rain, the new nets proved a hit and pleased to see a new face, welcome to the club Lee Speight, who started his walking football off with an absolute rocket of a goal from the right wing.

For those not there last night we are in the process of ordering club jackets, a sample was brought down to training and can be seen on here :

We are asking for £10 as a contribution towards the cost with the Club paying over 2/3rds of the cost Jacket, it will be embroidered with our Club badge as our tournament's kits do.

There is still time to order your top if you let me know your sizes, the choice is:

S (Chest 34/36)

M (Chest 38/40)

L (Chest 42/44)

XL (Chest 46/48)

XXL (Chest 48/50)

3XL (Chest 50/52) In addition to this we were discussing when we return to normal play back at Sutton Leisure and how we are going to take payments going forward. We are encouraged to use card payments or standing orders as payment rather than pay and play. Further discussions will be had on this going forward. We will keep you posted.

Our next session is 7pm on Wednesday 8th July, please bring a red and blue top if you've got one, your own water and we Look forward to seeing you all down there.

All the best

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