A pleasant evening’s entertainment

The weather gods smiled upon our latest session - the warm and dry conditions enjoyed by all players and officials alike. Another healthy turnout of players produced another excellent session. The teams were generally well matched with the Reds edging the early encounters with Parr, Middleton and Deggs worked well to provide ammunition for their strike force. But the Blues defence shackled Fitz, with Painter, Houghton and the excellent McKie on great form. The game then turned with the Blues seizing the initiative via Forshaw and the welcome return of Ian Bridge. Suddenly a deluge of goals rocked the Reds rearguard. 6 goals largely the result of profligate defending took the Blues out of sight in the contest. The harder that Fitz and Deggs tried the more miraculous the defending became. An even game descended into a one sided score line.

in hindsight perhaps some additional measures need to taken to make defending more of a contest? The introduction of shooting areas and goalkeeping areas might help. But overall the Football was good to watch the passing in particular crisper and more incisive than in previous weeks. Clearly there’s an improving sharpness in all players, our numbers are remarkably strong despite the limitations of the park. Lets keep the good work going. The author will be on a scouting mission in Spain for the next two weeks (and possibly 14 additional quarantine days who knows?)

I’m keen to look at training facilities in Spain and compare notes with Really Madrid and Arcelona

Watch this space....

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