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13, unlucky for some ... but not tonight

13 hardy souls braved the threat of thunder and lightning tonight at Sherdley Park, a mismatch catered for by allowing the blues (who only had 6) to go in the opposing keeper's box (fnarr fnarr) and making the reds have a stick goalie.

Tough conditions because of the heat and all the mown grass, not to mention the 6 trillion midges amassed around the goal at the Eltonhead Road end.

All agreed a half time drinks break was needed by which time the blues were 1-0 up thanks to Derek Taylor, playing a blinder (*). The reds had their chances too and Tom Parr in particular might think he could have done better with 1 or 2.

Reds came on stronger in the 2nd half and finally made their extra man tell when Colin set up Andy Houghton for the equaliser. But even then but for the knees of keeper Hawkins, Derek might twice have won the match for the blues.

A good even competitive match, but because of the evenings drawing in starting next week we kick off at 6:30 pm from now on, 1/2 an hour earlier than usual. Well played all.

(*And he didn't even pay me to write that...).

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