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Zing went the strings (of my ham!)*

Apologies for the song title abuse but you’ll appreciate its very difficult to always be a beacon of creative excellence Ruskin Drive AstroTurf was bathed in autumnal sun for our weekly morning action today after a chilly start to the day

Sweet sixteen players were put through their paces by Coach Davies, who is also author of today’s Blog précis The session was sensibly split into 3 segments with hydration breaks to aid the thirsty participants

The teams were;

Blue - Andy Capt, Tom Stretch, Les, Dave Seagull, Thatto Dave, Mark Davies (no relation still) Jeff Betty and fit again? Colin

Yellow - Citeh Geoff, Nigel, Grav, Anita, Mika, Tony, Phil and Alex

Not content with his warm up & Moneyball duties Coach added refereeing to his enviable CV (dirty job but….) Blues enjoyed much of the opening exchanges with a number of goal bound efforts Eventually Mark claimed an accomplished goal which in fairness would have beaten most keepers 1-nil with Yellow struggling to get on level terms The second segment was a more even affair though neither team took advantage of the wider pitch used today Play was condensed into a tight 20 metre channel the inevitable congestion meant space and time on the ball were at a premium

Tony found his Snakehips had worked against him and his side for once as he was penalised as he shimmied into his own area to concede a needless penalty Thatto Dave swept the resultant punishment past Anita and Blues had doubled their advantage

Yellow took some encouragement with Tom succumbing to hamstring zing whilst bearing down on the Yellow goal He retired to take the goalkeeping duties for the remaining period of play and produced a couple of decent saves despite his clear discomfort

In the final stanza Jeff fired the morning’s last goal to wrap up a 3-nil victory A one sided score line a poor reflection on the overall game The Yellows contributed greatly to the game, with Mika his industrious usual self after his injury difficulties Nigel struck some decent long passes to find Phil and Grav’ whilst Citeh Geoff was kept fully occupied by Colin

Les and Dave Seagull put into good shifts for Blues And the real winner after the morning’s action was sportsmanship

Coach declared his satisfaction with the honesty evident from both teams “A pleasure to be involved with a game played in this spirit!”

Zing went the strings (of my heart)* first hit popularity for Judy Garland in 1938 but was later a hit for The Trammps in 1972

Zing went the strings (of my ham)* El Presidente 2021 Album Viva Corruption

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