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You wait all day and then 2 come along together

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

After another tumultuous week for SHWFC we were delighted to turn attentions to playing our game, another Sutton Leisure evening, but of course we never take the easy route when there’s a chance to complicate matters

El Presidente’s said a few words of explanation and then the whole ensemble observed a minute’s silence in memory of our teammate Bryan Clark, who sadly died on Monday night He’d spent Monday morning in our company and we shared some typical craic at the Turks Head Boot Room at lunchtime, to learn he had passed away just hours later was a stunning blow We will offer a fitting tribute in due course

Wednesday was no ordinary session, but the first of our twin sessions with players split in two groups to play indoors and outdoors This experimental ‘In or Out? You choose’ session led to our return to indoors play after 18 months Coach Davies, for it is he, selected 2 x 5-a-side teams;

Orange - Deggs, Joe the Ghost, Ian B, Lord Rainford and the Coach himself

Blue - Steve Honeyman, Les, Alain, Nigel and Citeh Geoff

Our thanks must go to Lord Rainford who balanced playing duties with typing his report Deggsy claimed the first goal on the indoor return but Joe ghosted in a second soon after Orange on top and reeling back the years with scant regard for just how hot and how fast the Sutton Soccer Dome really was! Steve hauled his Blues back in contention with a sharply converted shot Les and Alain used the space to great effect Blues now more than a match from their Vitamin enriched opponents

Lord Rainford enjoyed a purple patch as Orange keeper, ‘the boy stood on the burning deck’ he’s prompted and it does look like his efforts prevented an avalanche On his return to outfield however he quickly blotted his copybook with a a wild clearance that merely presented the Honeyman with his equalising goal As the heat took its toll, water breaks were introduced to aid our flagging heroes 2-2 and a cat & mouse game to determine the eventual winners

Blues had the ascendancy but struggled to find the goals their superiority demanded Steve grabbed his almost inevitable hat trick to crown a great display Further goals by Les and Geoff (nosebleed territory in the opponent’s half) sealed the victory

So a great night’s fun with liberal reference to WFA Rules was enjoyed by all

Nigel for all his effort and endeavour failed to trouble the scorer, instead he was the victim of some meaty challenges that would surely have brought sanction from Herr Pitt on another occasion

Meanwhile in a galaxy not far away the AstroTurf was glistening in preparation for the 15 who elected to play in the white heat of Sutton In truth a gentle breeze was most welcome after a warm day

Warm Up was conducted by Tech Guru Gonzalo, with Moneyball selecting sides as the Chairman put new boy Alan Macca McAvoy through his fitness assessment Alan, a deadline day signing from St Mirren, soon settled into his debut with Herr Pitt whispering the occasional reminder about jogging being a ‘nae go’ The teams were;

Blue; El Presidente, Andy Capt, Andy H, Grav, Gaz, Goldie, Thatto Dave and Macca

Red; Gonzalo, Phil, Cockney Rebel, Gary, Jeff Betty, Grazer and Chopper

The game was an excellent advert for our sport with some sublime passing, movement and fine finishing The teams used the space with great intelligence, play flowing from end to end under the iron grip of Herr Pitt His recognition by the WFA and reward to officiate at St George’s Park this weekend fitting reward for his application

Blues were first out of the blocks with a fine goal by Goldie the reward for some outstanding teamwork The ball moved from back through midfield with some precision His finish was terrific too

Gary was on hand to draw his side level shortly after Some excellent approach work creating the chance he was never going to miss Grav then restored Blues lead after another sweeping move The extra room offered everyone time on the ball, time that was rarely wasted as the quality of passing reached new heights The second half brought parity as Phil levelled for the Reds, soon afterwards Jeff picked his spot to fire past El Presidente after a free kick to put Reds ahead

Blues were level soon after with Gaz producing a rising shot that found the top corner Herr Pitt signalled the ball had not troubled Speke Airport Approaches so 3-3 and all to play for

The deciding goal by Cockney Rebel owed much to his persistence and was tough on keeper Goldie who smothered 2 goal bound efforts but was left groping at air as London’s finest calmly lifted the ball into the empty net 4-3 What a game all agreed

So our night ended with 25 satisfied souls and the twin session experiment producing 2 excellent games

Whilst we were processing the loss of a teammate we found massive release playing the game that he loved so much

RIP Bryan David Clark

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Another excellant blog peter well done

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