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Will Video kill the Radio Stars?

The appearance of videographer (and former professional Elvis impersonator) Martin Fox failed to put our heroes off their Monday morning Ruskin Drive session today. OK perhaps we were a little distracted as Foxy directed his cameras at the action but we were not All shook up!

Holidays, niggling injuries and work commitments reduced participating numbers a little, but 16 hearty souls went through the warm up exercises with the Chairman and then Coach Davies. Hips gyrated like a Las Vegas chorus line, making light of the slightly gloomy opening to the day‘s weather prospects. By the end of play, the sun had appeared as if Top of the Bill and we were happy to take the rays having endured the humidity for the session.

Teams were;

Reds; Alex, Len, Mick, Tony, David H, Tom, Geoff and Steve

Blues; Bryan, Grazer, John H, Phil, Andy, Wayne, David T and Jeff

Play got underway with Coach Davies acting as Referee as the Chairman was auditioning for his walk on part in The Early Years (though thankfully in black & white only). Reds quickly established the upper hand and soon led with good goals by Speedo Mick and Steve. The last part of the warm up had featured some simple (by who’s definition?) ball drills. That seemed to put the Reds on the front foot and as the first break (and chance to rehydrate) approached the decision was made to adjust the sides to ensure a more even spread of the riches for the rest of the match.

At this stage Grazer Clark left the action for a brief interview for the video. The aim is to use some of the footage in a short promotional sequence, a longer portion will form part of a proposed documentary. During the absence the Chairman slotted in to the Blues side initially as an emergency keeper then as an extra defender. By the time that David T left the play for his interview Blues had shored up their leaky defence and were pushing for a goal. But for those with Suspicious Minds, the extra player didn’t pay off, Blues didn’t find the net and the match ended with Reds claiming victory 2-0.

At the final whistle Bib Czar John Hawkins oversaw phase 2 of his cunning plan, with Bib cleaning continuity assured for the coming week.

That’s the Wonder of You - no body said

Well played everyone and especially those modest chaps who play every week, grab the odd goal but who never seem to get a mention in this Blog.

First rule of goal scoring, if you score make sure every bugger knows about it! Especially that dedicated team of Blog writers who produce this chronicle of our times.

This doesn't apply to repeat offenders who shall remain nameless at least for this edition (Thankfully)

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