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Whose are the mystery goals?*

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Lord Rainford’s Butler writes….

This somewhat cryptic Blog title forms the start of the latest edition of SHWFC tome, recounting as best as possible the doings of a wet and windy Wednesday night at Sutton This is largely necessary as sadly our reporter had no details of the indoor proceedings at the time of going to Press (hold the front page) So no details of games, goals or results of the indoor malarkey has been supplied for your continuing education We do have some photos, team details below

The Outdoor session was initially whipped into shape by Jeff Betty (in the absence of the sinus ridden El Presidente - thanks Jeff) teams were selected and presented to match official Herr Steve Pitt of Düsseldorf

Those selections were;

Green/White - Liz, Thatto Dave, Michelle, Tom Stretch, John Penders, Lord Rainford, Eamon & MartinMc

Orange - Daz, Haggis, Goldie, Tom Derby, Jeff Betty, Deano, Chris 4G, Jill Thomo and Neil (not Coach)

Steve Pitt had a fine night as might be expected from a WFA International match official His help in priming the next generation of our Club Refs is much appreciated and valued by those involved

With a Gale blowing from the Thatto Far End into the faces of the Green it was a somewhat against the grain and run of play that Martin Mc was left unattended to poke home past Chris 4G

Orange took back the initiative with Daz and Jeff pulling the midfield strings Deano, Haggis and Goldie looked lively to find an equaliser but were matched by M’Lord, Little John and Thatto Dave in the Green back line Jill and Neil battled to keep the Green advantage under control As half time approached Deano was able to claim the goal that Orange probably deserved 1-1 as the satsumas were passed around (this is a blatant exaggeration)

A fresh downpour greeted the resumption Spurred on now by the wind Green went in search of further scores to turn their possession edge into a decisive score line Tom Stretch was on hand to restore the Green lead Eamon and Michelle went close to adding to the advantage but it was a goal by Little John that finally made the decisive break through 3-1 and Orange firmly up against the odds now

Liz stepped in on occasion to thwart keep Orange at bay Tom Derby was pushed further forward to try his luck but Green were resolute Eamon having been off target earlier sealed the 4-1 result and Greens ascendancy

In the heat of the Sutton SoccerDome the teams were

Yellow - Harry the Hatchet Williams, Enoch, Joe the Ghost, John Wickie, Laura and debutant Phil Doyle

Red - Dave Bates, Cockney Rebel, Les Meldrew, Grav, Andy Man(anger) and Lee Thomo

Black - Deggs, Nigel, Neil Coach, New boy Steve Carine and Ray

We’ve learned since that other than a brace from Laura and defence splitting pass from Phil Doyle (as related to his cat - not another cat story?) Nothing at all happened in the games featuring 18 extremely shy individuals though there were some good touches and lay offs from the newbies

Big news for the next Wednesday session We have a new set of bibs - time to withdraw the dodgy green & white set? El Presidente should be ready with new film in his iPhone and more tall tales to tell

Whose are the mystery girls* (or goals if you like) New York Dolls

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