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We’re back ... sort of

Walking football is underway again albeit in accordance with coronavirus guidance St Helens Beacon WFCs first training session was held on Monday 15th June a gentle opportunity for some members to blow away the cobwebs of 13 weeks ’lockdown’

There was a fuller return on Wednesday 24th June when 10 players were put through their places with training drills as well as an adapted game Instead of our regular venue at Sutton Leisure Centre an outdoor session was held at nearby Sherdley Park ”We are delighted to be back as a group again, said Club Chairman Peter Fitzpatrick. The guys have kept in touch through our popular WhatsApp group, but there’s nothing like the chance to meet up in person. We’ve adopted a socially distanced method for training drills and for our games Our members are aware of our responsibilities and ensure we can all exercise sensibily with little risk to ourselves or our families More players are due to return to the fold in readiness for the eventual resumption of our weekly Sutton Leisure games. These current sessions mean we can keep our Club camaraderie going despite the trials of the present national crisis.”

So why not take the chance to try out Walking Football in a slightly different manner? Training starts at Sherdley Park at 7:00 pm every Wednesday until we can resume our weekly hour-long Sutton Leisure sessions.

For further details contact Peter on 077 99 643 992

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