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Bliss it was to be alive and to be able to play Walking Football despite being in a Tier 3 area (to slightly misquote William Wordsworth).

15 members of St Helens Beacon Walking Football Club expressed that bliss with a display of skill and sportsmanship that had Chairman and Referee Peter ‘Collina’ Fitzpatrick audibly purring from the side-lines at Sutton Leisure Centre last night.

Who were these heroes? In Black – Gaz, Tom, Joe, Martin B and Tony. In Orange – Andy, Les, Mick, Steve and Ian H. In Blue – Jeff, Martin W, Ian B, John D and John H.

Orange were probably the team of the night and showed it with one comprehensive defeat of Blues with some great play aided by the curse of the far end visiting on Blue’s keepers with venom. However, Orange didn’t have it all their own way as in the final game a hard-earned victory for Black meant every team went home with at least one win.

Highlights of the night?

A superb display of passing between Tom and Joe leading to Joe giving Blacks that last game win

Orange’s precise passing that ripped apart the Blue defence on several occasions

Gaz C’s return meaning we got to see some proper goalkeeping and plans by the Committee to invest in some Grecian 2000 hair colouring so we can pass him off as being over 50

A pass by Jeff for the Blues to bypass 4 of the Black team and gave Ian B a goal for a 1-0 win

Assistant Referee Derek ‘Himmler’ Taylor’s strict enforcement of the new ‘get back 3 metres at free kicks’ rule.

Well played – and refereed – all; well played!

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